Custom Sign Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your LED Signage

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| 08 Feb 2023
How to get the most out of your led signage

LED signage is an eye-catching form of advertising as it is bright, welcoming, and engaging. LED signs frequently catch our attention. How often have you been drawn to a restaurant or store because a sign caught your eye? 

Each of us is captivated and hooked by engaging signage. We discuss maximizing your LED signage and how to take it to the next level.

Tips for Attracting Customers Using Signage

For business owners, you certainly know and understand the importance of having great LED signage that attracts customers and communicates with them. These are our top tips for creating LED signage that speaks to your clientele.

Keep Messages Concise

Ultimately, you want to make your message stand out to passers-by by generating succinct messages. Avoid scrolling messages, as these are usually slow and hard to read for those passing or driving by. Make sure your message is clear and to the point. 

You need to gain the attention of potential customers in a short time. To do this:

  • Keep wording strong and relevant

  • Encourage those reading it to take action by using verbs 

  • Include your shop address or website if possible

  • Use dates of promotions to create urgency. 

Whatever you do, be mindful of your wording, and don’t waste this opportunity to engage your audience. 

Consider Colour and Font

With LED signage, it is not just the messaging that sticks out to potential customers. You have to consider the size of the sign, the font, format, and colour scheme. Ensure the layout and formatting makes sense for your business and the theme. 

Your sign should be an extension of your business and all you stand for. Use colours that are bright, uplifting, and incorporate with your brand. Also, make sure the colour of the font contrasts and sticks out against the background of your sign. 

Use an easily readable font. Stay away from small fonts, multiple fonts, or fancy cursive that is hard to interpret. Go bold and big with your signage, and you will reap the benefits of attracting the attention and interests of many. 

Use Graphics and Visuals

Nothing attracts the eye more than visuals, graphics, and images. Graphics can often convey messages that words simply cannot. If you are tasteful with pictures in your signage, you can take your LED sign to the next level. 

However, avoid using too many images or pictures that are too complex. Stick to simple visuals that can work well with your intended messaging.

Maximize Your Exposure With Placement

Where you place your LED signage is just as important as the message you are sending. You will want to do a test by standing where your intended viewers would be and surveying how the signage looks from that point of view. 

Make sure it is big enough and not obstructed by other signs, buildings, trees, or anything else that could get in the way. Remember that you can place LED signs in multiple places, like the outside and the inside of your business. It helps guide customers throughout their in-store experience. 

Previewing your signage and making adjustments based on trial and error will help improve your signs. It will make it more attractive from an observer’s point of view.

Consider Your Demographic

When considering your LED signage, you can make the most out of it by choosing signage that fits well with your intended audience. Ask yourself:

  • Who are you trying to attract or reach? 

  • Is it drivers or pedestrians? 

  • Is it older adults or younger adolescents? 

  • Where is your business located? 

  • What is the demographic in the area? 

All these factors can come into play when deciding on the perfect LED signage for your business. It can help determine font, sizing, and where you place your signs for maximum exposure.

Update Accordingly

Nothing can make a business or store seem more disorganized and disorderly than out-of-date signage. Make a conscious effort to know what signage you are displaying during various seasons. Update it as soon as possible. 

Most software is automated to remove the text at any desired date and time you choose. Make use of these features and change your signage whenever information should be updated or is no longer relevant.

All in all, signs are much more than indicators of your destination. Signs can tell us about a business and its communication style. They act as a form of advertisement. 

Make sure to put care and attention to detail into your signage for maximum effect. Your customers will thank you. 

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We believe a great sign is a sign of a great business. Contact us today to learn more about our signage and how we can help your business grow.

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