The Benefits of LED Signs for Your Business

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| 07 Mar 2022
The advantages of using LED signs in your business

Remaining competitive is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses. Signs have always helped draw attention to your location, but they can be limited in their messaging. While neon was popular for decades, it isn’t as dynamic in its ability to share information with customers.

However, current technology offers a new way to draw attention to your brand. LED signs offer the illumination of neon with more flexibility. Here are the benefits of LED signs for your business.

What is LED signage?

LED is a form of lighting called a light-emitting diode. It offers a pure light that is cool and does not use gases like neon to produce brightness and colour. As a result, they are more eco-friendly.

LED signs are also dynamic, allowing you to program messages on a computer, which is then translated using the lights to produce the required colours, images, and text. The lights are installed in a customized panel, and the message is displayed using the light-emitting diodes as pixels to create images or text.

More Features and Improved Brightness

Neon signs are static, meaning once they are created, they can’t be changed. LED signs offer more features including changeable colours, animation, fading, flashing, and moving text. Not only does this provide more features, but it also creates dynamic, eye-catching signs that stand out night and day. Traditional light bulbs leak gas over time, causing them to lose their brightness. However, because LEDs are so long-lasting, you never need to worry about lost brightness. Customers can see your sign day or night with clear messaging.

Targeted Messaging

You can use your LED sign to create targeted messaging with graphics and visuals suited to your market. Your messages become more meaningful, while also improving their aesthetic appeal. This results in more impressions and increased potential for attracting the right customers.

Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

LEDs pretty much never burn out and last for 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This means you can have your sign operational for upwards of 10 years without ever worrying about a replacement. You have less maintenance, which also saves your business time and money. Unlike wood or vinyl signs, which require maintenance, you can maintain a professional appearance with little effort. You can thus focus on more important aspects of your business. LED tubes also bypass the ballast, which means they reduce maintenance over the long term. As well, they don’t contain hazardous materials, so you don’t have to worry about leakage of gas if they break.

Modern Aesthetics

Although neon has a certain retro charm, LED signs appeal to tech-savvy customers who expect to see the latest technology used by the brands they choose. Digital media is now the norm, which means you can remain relevant in today’s high-tech world. Depending on your demographic, not using LED signs can reduce your appeal and miss your target.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

LED lights are eco-friendly for both energy efficiency and recyclability. They don’t contain toxic gases, thus making them 100% recyclable. They also run cool and last longer, so they are more cost-effective due to reduced energy use. In fact, LED signs use 80% less electricity compared to neon or incandescent bulbs.

As well, large neon signs can actually heat up a small space, which means you need to crank up the AC to keep staff and customers comfortable. You don’t need to worry about that problem with cool LEDs.

Easy Installation

LED signs are thinner and lighter, thus making them easy to lift and mount.

Change Messaging in Real-Time

With LED signs, you can change your messaging in real-time from your computer. This allows you to announce sales, new arrivals, specials, delivery services, and more. These changes offer an affordable advertising solution that helps pay for the cost of the sign. Messaging can be scheduled, so you can change your hours based on the time of the week or announce your daily specials if they are regular items your customers look forward to.

You can even change messages based on industry news to share important information with your customers. Messaging can also be more whimsical, such as the joke of the day, or more inspirational with a quote of the day.

Remain More Competitive

Because you can change your messaging in real-time, you can remain more competitive. You can keep an eye on what the competition is up to and meet or better their offers in real-time. Whether it is a two-for-one sale, a discounted price, or a special offer to new customers, you can maintain an edge over the competition so you don’t lose customers to better prices or sales.

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