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To attract the right customers, you need to tell the world you are here. Illuminated signs help ensure your business stands out, offering options to suit any building or type of business. Two of the most common signage types are fascia and readograph signs. Both options are customizable, allowing you to create the ideal messaging to announce your presence. Whether you have a storefront or a large building, your sign’s placement and design play an important role in helping people find you while sending a general message about what you offer.

What is a Fascia Sign?

Most businesses invest in some form of fascia sign for their building. While most are lit, they come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. This is one of the reasons they are so dominant in the business sign world. Today’s fascia signs are state of the art incorporating the latest technology in LED lighting in hand with an impressive array of materials that allow you to create tailor-made signs to suit your business.

Cruiseship Centers sign

What are Fascia Signs Made Of?

Fascia signs are highly customizable and come in seven basic types:

  1. Painted Plywood: This is an affordable option that can be personalized with your choice of colours, logo and messaging. Unfortunately, the materials used are susceptible to weather damage, so require frequent replacement. Painted plywood is best used in areas without too much exposure to the elements, perhaps protected in an outdoor atrium style plaza.
  2. Painted Glass: This sign is distinct and affordable and can be painted with your messaging and logos. The only downside is they are not as noticeable from the road.
  3. Punched Metal Fascia: This is a weather-resistant option with a clean, modern look. Punched metal fascia can be designed to suit any look, created with different textures and colours.
  4. Metal Lettering and Logo: These signs are three-dimensional, offering a distinct look with detailed texture and interest. Metal lettering and logos tend to be higher in cost, but can be suited to your budget based on the size and type of metal used.
  5. Fabric Sign: If you are looking for a budget-friendly sign, fabric signs come in a wide variety of colours and designs. Fabric signs require more upkeep and can become more expensive if you choose lower maintenance, longer-lasting fade and weather-resistant materials. Fabric signs may have to be replaced more frequently than other more durable material signs.
  6. Metal Sign-band: These can be used for many different locations, offering a sleek, eye-catching appearance that is very professional.
  7. Awning Signs: If you have a south-facing storefront, an awning sign is an excellent option to advertise your business while keeping out the sun’s harsh glare. Awning signs are made of various fabrics and provide shelter from sun and wet weather.

Lighting can also be incorporated into most fascia signs whether it is backlit or some form of spotlight.

Why Choose Fascia Signs?

Fascia signs are a popular choice for retailers, restaurants, and plazas. With many plazas and downtown shopping “villages” in the GTA starting to show their age, fascia signs are becoming more popular than ever. The entire plaza or strip of shops and restaurants can have the same sign style, yet have it customized to reflect their unique business. Fascia signs offer an affordable solution for businesses and plazas refacing their exteriors. With a broad selection of materials available, they can be designed as simply or extravagantly as you desire. This allows you to update your logo, design, or lighting at a fraction of the cost of other new sign designs and installations.

What is a Readograph Sign?

Readograph signs can consist of manually changeable displays to send out changing messages. Manually changeable readograph signs are composed of interchangeable letters and are designed or constructed so that the displayed message may be easily rearranged or changed.

Providing businesses and venues of various sizes and services ways to send temporary attention-grabbing messages regardless of their size or location

What are Readograph Signs Made Of?

Holy Spirit Catholic School road graph sign

Manually Changeable Readograph signs consist of plastic or metal channel letters fitted onto a weatherproofed polycarbonate, fiberglass, or metal sheet that allows you to switch up a series of messages based on your marketing goals.

Why Choose Readograph Signs?​

Readograph signs are durable and long-lasting and are amazingly effective at attracting both existing and new clients. Readograph signs are the most cost-effective signs for changing messages with a high repeat-use value. Printed on vinyl, they are easier to maintain and are weatherproofed. Minimal maintenance of the banners and they hold up quite well over time. Readograph signs can be used for just about any business, from car dealerships to dental, Schools, Churches, etc.

Why Choose New Style Signs?

New Style offers over 50 years of experience creating customized signs for GTA customers. Our team of signage experts can offer affordable solutions designed to meet your unique needs. We are your architectural sign specialists in Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton. We have worked with leading designers, architects, and engineers to create superior design concepts and follow through with unparalleled quality, manufacturing, and installation. We are committed to providing the highest quality signage using the latest technologies and materials available to offer the best return on investment for your business. We excel in maintaining traditional craftsmanship and techniques perfectly balanced with leading-edge advancements in fascia and Readograph signage.

To request a quote or learn more about fascia and Readograph signs, call New Style Signs at 866-594-8354 or contact us here.

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