Light Up Your Business with Custom LED Signs in Mississauga and the GTA

Nothing draws attention to the name of your business or organization like seeing it in big, glowing lights. Customers will immediately see who you are, what you do, and the value that you have to offer.

Whether you want to display frequent updates, or one bright and constant message, an LED sign broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At New Style Signs, we create customized LED signs in Mississauga and across the Greater Toronto Area. We can integrate this product into your building’s architecture, as well as the current interior and exterior signage. We manufacture single and double-sided signs that we can mount on a freestanding pylon, or install in a sign box. The options are endless! We offer a distinct collection of LED signs to our customers. Each sign serves a specific function for your business, church, school, or government agency. But beyond lighting up the name of your business, there are so many ways an LED Sign for your business can bring in customers and sales.

The Benefits of an LED Sign for a Business

At New Style Signs, we’re proud to offer LED signs for businesses in Mississauga and across the Greater Toronto Area. They’ll provide a beautiful, professional illustration of your business and what you can offer customers, but there are so many more benefits to an LED sign for your business.

Computerized LED Signs Offer Increased Visibility

The most straightforward benefit of an LED Sign that introduces your business to new customers is increased visibility. A bright LED sign is clear and visible both during the day, and during the nighttime. There’s no need to buy an accompanying light fixture for your sign, nor is there concern that potential customers, even those who are far away from your sign, won’t be able to see what you have to offer. In order to maximize your real estate, and your ability to bring in new local customers, you need the superior technology and performance of an LED sign. In today’s competitive environment, the difference between a faded wooden sign and a bright, eye-catching LED sign is hard to overstate. Especially if your business is located in a plaza with other businesses, or near other local competitors, an LED sign is necessary for the continued exposure you need.

Superior ROI: LED Signs for Businesses are More Durable & Environmentally-Friendly

The superior technology and visual displays are certainly appealing, but what really excites our business-owning clientele is the return on investment that an LED Sign offers for a business. Other types of signage requires extensive maintenance and supervision, and this can cost your business money and time. From updated messaging, to physical maintenance and repairs, traditional signage can come with traditional hassles. But much of that is a thing of the past with LED signs. Did you know that the highest quality LEDs can last as long as 100,000 operational hours – as much as 6 years longer than the equivalent fluorescent sign? Fluorescent bulbs typically fade over a period of time, but LED signs can remain as bright as the day they’re first installed throughout their lifetime. This directly results in more money in your pocket as a business owner – and you can use those savings on your product offering, or your physical retail space, or on marketing and promotions.

Peel Regional Paramedic services LED sign

Another reason that LED signs for businesses are so popular is because they’re incredibly sustainable and environmentally-friendly. LED signs for businesses typically only use 10 watts of power – 80% less energy than a comparable neon system would require. If you’re looking to use less energy, and place minimal strain on your local environment, then an LED sign is right for you. An LED sign doesn’t use toxic materials like mercury, and it can be recycled without dangerous toxins potentially entering the environment. But even if environmental-efficiency isn’t a core business goal for you, the cost savings that you’ll achieve with an LED sign will add up to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per year. In so many cases, an LED sign offers incredible value from not just a marketing perspective, but from a financial perspective as well.

LED Signs Offer Businesses Greater Creative Flexibility, and Less Maintenance

Speaking with business owners, we often hear a similar need that goes something like this: “If I could show my customers my physical product, or the benefits of my service, I know I can get them in the door.” When we perform an on-site assessment and we hear this, we almost always recommend a computerized LED sign. Why? Because with an LED sign design, you can integrate pictures, animations, colour changes, and more. LED technology is not only superior to traditional signage options, but it’s improving and evolving rapidly as well, and you can use this technology to better promote your business. If your competitor is showcasing their name and products, why not showcase your name, your products, and the sale that you’re offering customers? If your competitor is showcasing an impressive product offering, why not showcase five of your best-performing products with an LED sign? An LED sign doesn’t only offer you superior exposure and display options, it gives you a platform to directly highlight your business’ value in comparison to the competition. And if you really lean into the technology available with LED signs, you can add bright lights, fades, and flashes independently. With an LED sign for your business, you can show a full-colour video in comparison to your competitor’s single frame, black and white picture. You can call us at 866-591-6938, or contact us right here, for the LED sign that can not only promote your business better, but can crush the competition along the way.

Advice & Ideas on The Best Computerized LED Sign For Your Business

At New Style Signs, we’re proud to have over 50 years’ experience in the signage industry, and we offer the professional expertise and manufacturing capability you need to put up the best and most-advanced signage possible. For example, we recommend a double-sided sign on an elevated platform for businesses on busy city streets. Why? Because it broadcasts the sign’s message to both sides of traffic, and stays well above ground-level business signs. Conversely, a stand-alone pylon with LED display is perfect for schools. This is because part of the sign permanently displays the school’s name, and the LED display showcases updates for students, parents, teachers, and the community at large.

We’re proud to offer some more of the best practices and ideas on LED Signage to our online visitors as well. This includes:

Use an LED Board as a Lit Sign

One important benefit of LED signs is that they’re visible and conspicuous, especially after dark. That means that LED boards are especially effective for stores with nighttimes business hours, including:

  • Movie Theatres
  • 24-Hour Convenience Stores
  • Coffee Shops
  • Escape Rooms
  • And many more!

The difference between a poster with nearby lighting shining on it, and an LED sign is that the LED sign will have higher visibility and readability from a variety of distances. If your business operates at night, the lack of shadow and dark spots offers a significant advantage that we recommend utilizing.

Are LED Signs Best For Luxury Brands? Not Always

LED signs and boards are most effective at conveying lots of information quickly, and attracting deal-seekers and price-conscious consumers. This means that LED signs are useful across a range of different institutions and businesses, from airports and stock market exchanges, to outlet stores and shopping centres. However, when client decisions aren’t based on volatile, external events, such displays aren’t always necessary. For a business with a strong brand and a dedicated core customer group, a polished metal plaque or metal letter sign may fit better with the branding and overall business goals of a more high-end business.

LED Signs Are Well-Suited Towards Backlighting

Compared to other standard forms of lighting, LEDs do a far better job than other types of bulbs. Consider the fact that LEDs have an average life-span that’s over 40 times longer than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Similarly, to emit the equivalent amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb, only a six- to eight-watt LED is required. This means that the equivalent unit cost of LED lights and signs is significantly lower than their fluorescent and incandescent counterparts, while LED lights and signs also last for far longer than their counterparts. All of this means that when considering your backlighting options, you’d be remiss not to strongly consider quality, sustainable LED options.

When Using LED Lighting, Remember That Quality Beats Quantity Every Time

Despite the numerous benefits of LED lighting and signage, it’s important to remember not to bombard your building with too much LED lighting. Yes, there is such a thing as too many lights. Your goal is to create balance, and attract attention to key elements, such as the company name and logo, or the short-term sale that you’re looking to promote. The variety of benefits of LED lighting mean that a little bit of lighting can go a long way, so be sure to use LEDs strategically for optimal effect.

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