Monochrome vs RGB Colour: Why You Need to Update Your LED Signs

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| 02 Dec 2019
Monochrome vs RGB Colour: Why You Need to Update Your LED Signs

When you want to draw attention to your business or organization, you need to create unique signage, such as customized LED signs. This technology allows you to integrate signage where it will have the most impact, whether it is inside your building’s architecture or positioned prominently in a high traffic exterior location.

They can be made in multiple shapes and configurations with endless possibilities. Many organizations using LED signs are missing out because they have not taken the time to consider updating their signs to include the latest technology.

Today’s LED signs offer a distinct collection of options, including the latest in colour technology that will create a far more impressive display that older models. Here we look at the difference between monochrome, the red or amber signs you might have now, or RGB LED signs which offer a full-colour spectrum.

What is RGB?

RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue. These are the three basic colours used for full-colour digital sign displays. RGB uses pixels in the LED display made up of three smaller LED lights in each colour. Also known as “sub-pixels,” they can’t be detected unless you are standing right up in front of the sign.

Using RGB LED allows you to change the way these sub-pixels are lit, as well as the brightness level to create a full spectrum of colours. Together the lights generate large scale images similar to that of a big-screen television. From a distance, the undetectable sub-pixels work together to generate recognizable images and text to convey your message effectively for passers-by.

Why update to RGB LED display?

Nothing grabs attention better than brightly lit coloured signs. When you leverage the full-colour power of RGB, you can create an endless display that sends a clear message.

Full colour draws people’s attention naturally without the boring, everyday appearance of the duller, red on black scrolling letters of a monochrome sign. You can create animated displays that allow you to create more interesting content.

RGB LEDs are also brighter and can be seen even on the sunniest of days, so at night they become even more distinctive, and you’ll make a better impression on more people.

Monochrome is Commonplace

While monochrome signs have become a mainstay for all kinds of organizations, they have become too commonplace to really make an impression. You won’t be able to stand out with everybody else in town using the same type of LED display. They provide a basic service to communicate a quick message for organizations such as schools and churches but are not as functional for businesses trying to attract customers.

Who should use RGB LED signs?

Although anyone can benefit from full-colour displays, they are more important for businesses trying to draw in new customers. For example, they work well for restaurants, as they can show pictures of their menu items to attract hungry clients.

For exciting spots like convention centers or event venues, you can keep people aware of what is happening with colourful displays. Arenas and entertainment venues can show off past performances or sporting events highlights. The possibilities are endless.

Words vs Pictures

One crucial determinant in which sign is best for your needs is your message. Is it a simple message such as Parent Teacher Interview dates at a school, or are you trying to attract attention to your new Gouda cheeseburger at your restaurant?

While a picture of food will tempt customers to stop and pop into your drive-thru, if all you want to do is send a quick message to parents as they drive by the school, you really don’t need the full-colour option. So, it is the type of product or service you offer that will help you decide what will work best for you.

Your Budget

Any organization or business could benefit from a full-colour display. For example, an insurance company could get very creative, showing a car accident, to create a unique way to convey to customers the importance of auto insurance.

Although just about any business could come up with creative full-colour ads, it is best to consider your budget first. After all, an Outdoor Monochrome LED Sign can get your message across more affordably. This means you might see a better ROI if you choose a monochrome LED sign if full colour is not a must.

Why are you buying your sign?

You have to ask yourself why you are considering an LED sign. If it is to attract more customers to your business, then investing in the best possible signage is worth it. You will see more traffic and sales, which in turn will help pay for the sign. If you simply need to convey a quick community message, an Outdoor Monochrome LED Display is the perfect solution.

The eye-catching colour of an updated RGB LED sign is the perfect solution for retailers, malls, convention centers, attractions, restaurants and businesses that want to stand out. If your goal is to attract new customers or remind customers they haven’t used your services in a while, the movement and brightness of RGB is your best bet.

Emotional Reactions

Last but not least, colour can make a huge difference as it helps generate an emotional reaction. Colour evokes emotion and can be used as follows:

  • Red is stimulating and creates excitement and energy.
  • Orange is filled with confidence, comfort and warmth
  • Yellow is very optimistic, instilling positive feelings as well as creativity and cheer
  • Green is a natural colour that generates a sense of trust, health, and wellness
  • Blue creates a sense of calm but can also be used to create trust
  • Violet projects authenticity, spirituality and a sense of luxury

You can combine colours to help generate the reaction that will resonate with your customers.

RGB is not something for every organization or budget. However, if your goal is to attract more traffic to your business and increase sales, you should consider the many benefits an RGB LED sign has to offer.

For more information on LED display signs, call New Style Signs at 905-363-0101 or contact us here.

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