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Digitally printed signs are usually full colour signs with complex full colour logos applied to acrylic or aluminum. These are provided to Clients at reasonable prices.

Vinyl School Banners

Digitally Print Signs

  • Digital printing can replicate photographic or full colour images and logos with gradients, and can be printed directly to your sign substrate.
  • Digitally printed signs are great because you can replicate whatever you see on screen, whether it’s a full colour photo or your company’s logo. Anything that has multiple colours, especially those with gradients, and pixel-based images where all of the detail is made up of lots and lots of little coloured dots, digital printing will replicate to your signs.
  • To be able to print these colorful and photographic images, a digital print uses combinations of coloured inks to get the images onto the print materials. For ensuring permanent signage (not cheaper temporary signs) it will get a coated laminate to help protect it. This UV-stable clear layer of vinyl protects the inks so that they are more durable to elements and retain their quality.

Vinyl Signs

  • The custom vinyl signs are an inexpensive way to advertise your business or highlight your already existing brands and products according to the seasonal demands. The vinyl signs are highly effective for clearly displaying your message and brand. They are durable, cost-effective and light-weight which makes it an ideal solution for any and all signage needed for your business.
  • They have a quick turn around time to make, are easily customizable with full color ranges, and a great fit for various needs. Having brand recognition is a main factor for your signs and with vinyl signs can help reinforce your logo and brand design on banners and signs to help make your business more recognizable.

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