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We’ve all experienced the feeling of being lost in a new setting. You might be looking for a new doctor’s office, trying to find the right store in an outlet mall, or simply searching for the nearest restroom. Nonetheless, it can be incredibly frustrating to be so close to your destination, but missing that final visual cue to get you there. For the visually impaired members of the community, this can happen extremely often, with limited physical resources to help navigate an office or corporate space. Accessibility signage – or a lack thereof – can prevent visually impaired customers, not only from visiting your office or place of business, but from recommending you to their family and friends.

Don’t let confusion and frustration mark any customer’s experience at your office or place of business. Shop for braille interior office signs and accessibility signage with the experts at New Style Signs.

Braille interior office accessibility sign

Your office, business, or corporate environment needs all of its customers and employees to know where to go. Key floors, departments, and even bathrooms, hallways and stairs – without proper signage, including braille signage for the visually imparied, people simply won’t know where to go. Avoid associating your location with frustration or confusion in the eyes of customers and employees, and give customers a final push to visit you when they’re already so close. For visually impaired customers and employees, braille signage to accommodate their needs is the difference between a customer who will not find your location, to a customer or employee who will trust you and recommend you to others. Often times, the support and accommodation of accessibility signage at your location makes a far greater impact on the experience of visually impaired visitors at your location than you could ever imagine.

At New Style Signs, we offer a wide range of braille and accessibility signage. Our products are customized to the look and feel of your professional office, school, church or government building. We’ve created custom accessibility signs based on the requirements of dozens of unique businesses across the Greater Toronto Area, and we can do the same for you, today. At New Style Signs, we’ve been creating braille signage for over 20 years, and we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your location is easy to navigate for all of your customers and visitors. From signs for doors and washrooms to stairs, hallways and lobbies, we offer braille signage and directional support for every area within your professional location. We also offer changeable inserts for custom rooms signs that allow you to swap the names of staff members, individual rooms or larger areas, as your needs dictate.

We’ve created and installed braille signage and interior support for businesses throughout Toronto, Mississauga and all of Ontario. We customize signage while offering a variety of materials, colours, sizes, and shapes. Our sign experts can translate any of our customized signs into Braille, and we focus on creating beautiful, visually appealing signage for all of those who will see it in your location.

In terms of production material, our signs come in plastic and imitation metal, as well as brushed, polished, and satin metals. Let our signs support all customers and visitors, and beautify your office today!

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New Style Signs has more than 50 years of experience serving the Greater Toronto Area, from Hamilton to Oshawa, and everywhere in between. We manufacture and install braille signs for businesses of all sizes. To learn about interior office and braille signs at our Mississauga location, call us today at (866) 591-6938 for a quote.

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Are there certain rules on where to post Braille signs?
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States and other accessibility standards have established rules. To provide accessibility for people with visual impairments, these rules outline the height, placement, and other details of Braille sign installation.
Are there any legal requirements for Braille signs?
Legal requirements for Braille signs may vary depending on the country and specific regulations. In many jurisdictions, laws and accessibility standards mandate the inclusion of Braille signs in certain public spaces and buildings.
Can I install Braille signs myself?
While it is possible to install Braille signs independently, it is recommended to work with professionals or sign companies experienced in accessibility requirements. They can ensure proper placement, alignment, and compliance with relevant guidelines

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