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With our 50-year heritage as a pioneer and innovator in the design and placement of signage, New Style Signs has become a leader in the commercial display and signage market in the Greater Toronto Area. With a forward thinking and solutions oriented approach to signage, our highly experienced and professional team is elevating commercial sign solutions to new levels.

Professional Signage Solutions in the Greater Toronto Area

With a population of 6.5 million people, the GTA is the largest urban region in Canada, made up of the city of Toronto, along with the 4 regional municipalities that surround it, namely Peel, York, Halton, and Durham.

The GTA is a commercial, financial, economic, and distribution hub, and is the third biggest financial centre on the North American continent. The region creates approximately one-fifth of the country’s GDP, and it hosts 40 percent of Canada’s business headquarters.

New Style Signs is proud to provide the GTA commercial sector with digital signage solutions that enhance their operations. Some of the industries that we have influenced include:

  • Retail – To promote, broadcast, and advertise targeted messaging in highly frequented retail areas with the view to increasing customer attraction, influencing purchases, and ultimately driving traffic and revenue
  • Hospitality – To increase customer attraction and engagement by providing real-time messaging such as maps and directions, as well as promotional material display in service counters and lobbies.
  • Public transportation – To provide up-to-the-minute travel and route information in airports, metro, and train stations with our large format digital displays optimized for 24/7 operation.

It’s All in the Design

Design and presentation of signage content plays a key role in the customer interaction process, and in establishing whether or not an onlooker feels like they’re being assisted or impeded by the signage. To influence your customers with the best possible designs, our designers emphasize:

  • Eye-catching designs – Rather than bombarding the audience with colourful images and a lot of content, we strive to provide a simple but effective user interface. We create indoor and outdoor signage that contains only helpful and relevant content that promotes your products, services, and brands.
  • Solution oriented – We identify trends in business signs and find creative ways to integrate them into our designs. We customize our solutions to the specific needs of your business, taking into account your business demographic.
  • Clear call to action – Our signage solutions appeal to your prospects and effectively deliver them to your doorstep. At this point, proper advertisement placement with incentives to encourage consumer interaction is critical for converting your leads.

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Beyond offering indoor and outdoor signs that can be custom-made from any material – wood, metal, plastic, vinyl, etc. -New Style Signs is one of the most customer-friendly signage providers in the GTA, and the easiest team of professionals to work with. Having been in the business for decades, we understand the unique challenges facing your business and your industry, and will endeavour to provide you with unmatched service, support, and value.

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