Cast Metal & Acrylic Signage Plaques for Mississauga & Greater Toronto Area Businesses

Metal Plaque Signage to Add a Beautiful, Professional Look to Your Location

From memorialising landmarks and parks to identifying buildings and creating awards, customised metal plaques from New Style Signs serve your purpose well, with beauty and lifetime durability. Our premium metal plaques are versatile and durable, plus they provide instant beauty to the surfaces to which they’re attached.

Etched bronze metal plaques

From the classic look of cast metal to the precise etching process, you can be assured of having a one-of-a-kind award, memorial, office sign, architectural sign, or other piece that you can proudly put on display. Durable, time-honoured metal plaques are available in a variety of metals and depths. With polished or brushed surfaces, natural or painted backgrounds, and a wide range of other special treatments, our plaques are a classic, timeless option.

What Kind of Location Can Benefit From Metal Plaques?

Metal plaques can be used by all types of organizations, companies, and corporations to deliver a formal, royal type of display that is particularly ideal for commemorating occasions and achievements. Some of the entities likely to benefit from metal plaques and signs include:

Individuals and families –

They can use plaques as gifts to honour a soldier, remember family members, commemorate special achievements, or for celebrating the completion of constructing a new home. They can also be given as housewarming gifts.

Communities and park districts –

Plaques can be used in historic monuments, parks, and people highly valued by the community.

Universities and school districts –

Plaques can be used for buildings, crests, and assets considered valuable in the school’s history. For instance, it is customary to honour donors, athletes, and officers who have positively impacted the institution.

Building owners and managers –

They can use plaques for acknowledgement as a top-tier tenant suite.

Health care facilities –

Use plaques for donor recognition and dedications, or to designate special areas and departments.

Hotels –

Use plaques to give their sign systems a classy look.

Libraries –

Use plaques to recognise donors and dedicate buildings.

Zoos –

Use plaques for photos, stories, and illustrations, as well as for directional signs and animal enclosure identification.

Businesses and Company Offices –

Accounting firms and law offices can use plaques to identify headquarters’ lobbies and facilities.

Sports organizations –

Used to commemorate sporting teams, athletes, coaches, supporters, and events.

Public and private organizations –

Used to commemorate both the famous and infamous.

Materials and Mounting Options for Metal Plaque Signage

Metal plaques can be produced in a wide variety of metals, shapes, sizes, and fabrication methods, each with their own pros and cons for the criteria they need to meet. Some of the options you should be aware of include:

  • Metal options – include bronze, stainless steel, copper, zinc, brass, or aluminium alloys
  • Thickness of the material – typical thicknesses include 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, and ¼ inches
  • Cast vs. etched – cast plaques are created using moulds to produce raised images/text on the material so the background is recessed, while etched plaques are created using chemicals to produce raised or recessed graphics
  • Finishes and colour fills – like patina, high-gloss polish, satin sheen, or colour
  • Mounting – heavy plaques may need screwing into the building

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How to Design Cast Metal Plaque Signage for your Business Location

At New Style Signs, we have over 50 years experience in the signage industry, and we’re experienced in creating metal plaques that not only project beauty and professionalism, but also stand out and generate attention. We will come to your business and provide the professional advice you need – along with custom creation and installation – to put the perfect metal plaque on your business location. We’re proud to share some of that professional advice with our online visitors as well.

Keys to Designing a Beautiful Cast Metal Plaque For Your Business

While metal plaques and metal casting has been utilized for thousands of years, today there are more colour and design options, and more complex plaques that can be created with the proper professional experience and expertise. The basic process of metal casting involves the creation of a mold to a desired shape (often using sand or clay), and the pouring of molten metal onto the mold. Today, there are numerous unique design options available for different buildings and businesses, and at New Style Signs, we’re here to advise you on the plaque that would be best for you.

Metal Plaques for Businesses, Buildings and Landmarks: What Are They Made Of?

Today, metal plaques are available in stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, zinc or aluminum. Metal plaques made from these unique materials offer an excellent way of memorializing a person or event, identifying historical places and events, or recognizing a donation or dedication of a new or renovated building.

Design Options For Metal Plaques for Businesses, Buildings and Landmarks

In addition to your choice of material – whether it be stainless steel, bronze, copper, or any other material listed in the previous paragraph – with New Style Signs, you’re able to design the type of distinct metal plaque that will call attention to a desired point of attention, while representing your business or location beautifully and professionally. Design options for cast metal plaques include:

A Metal Plaque with Etched Photos or Emblems To Commemorate Historical Buildings and Events –

An etched image, seal, photo or emblem can be the centerpoint of a lovely cast plaque, to add a personal touch to your location. These are often best utilized on memorials, or on dedication or recognition plaques, to create a powerful connection to the event or building being highlighted.

Signs Toronto metal plaque

Bas-Relief Metal Plaques to Honour A Person of Significance –

Bas-Relief metal plaques feature the face of a person – this can be a historically significant figure, or a beloved relative or institutional figure – displayed in a three-dimensional cast. The three-dimensional nature allows for the individual’s features to protrude from the plaque in vivid detail. The artist masterfully captures the details of the subject, using traditional casting techniques in addition to modern, cutting-edge technology. The result is a beautiful, engaging plaque that brings to life the subject’s personality and physical features to offer a touching, powerful tribute to their memory or legacy.

Integrate a Business Logo onto A Metal Plaque for a Polished Look –

Businesses that are looking for a modern, up-to-date and polished look should consider integrating their logo or emblem onto a stainless steel cast plaque. Metal plaques for businesses can introduce new departments or acquisitions, highlight the achievement of important business goals, or commemorate a meaningful employee or contribution with a beautiful, polished look and feel.

Feature Your Personal Photographs on A Metal Plaque –

A ‘chronicle’ plaque is a metal plaque that captures your own existing photograph, and casts them right into your personal plaque. At New Style Signs, we utilize cutting-edge technology and proudly offer the ability to incorporate multiple photographs onto your plaque to create an incredible collage that brings your metal, and your photographs, to life.

Large Return Metal Plaques Help Commemorate What’s Truly Important –

Standard metal plaques are only ¼-inch thick, but for a more grand, impactful commemoration, New Style Signs utilizes a large return plaque that’s between ¾ of an inch, to a full inch thick. These plaques offer more depth and dimension than the standard size, in order to make a stunning and lasting impression on all those who set eyes on it.

What Are The Best Finishing Options for Cast Metal Plaques?

At New Style Signs, we know metal plaques better than anyone, which is why our professional team offers guidance on every aspect of plaque creation and placement – including the best finishing options for your cast metal plaque. Those finishing options include:

  • Standard borders, where the border finish matches the plaque artwork.
  • Custom borders from New Style Signs, such as ivy, jewel, and Greek key among others.
  • Standard finish, with the option to choose a brushed finish where the horizontal brushed grain is standard on all plaques, along with edge colour, where the plaque edge colour is the same as that on the background.
  • Background colours and textures – Popular background colours for metal plaques include black, brown, dark oxide and duranodic bronze, and popular textures include Leatherette, Sand, Pebble and Stipple.
  • Clear Coat options, which typically include gloss, matte, and semi-gloss. Gloss is typically the standard on polished finishes, and semi-gloss is typically applied onto brushed finish plaques.
  • Speciality Finish options at New Style Signs include oxidised or dark oxidised bronze finishes, turquoise or green patina, or a class finish with a polish.

Contact Us here to learn more about our comprehensive metal plaque offerings, or give us a call at 866-591-6938. At New Style Signs, our advanced etching and engraving technologies enable clients to prepare the custom metal plaque that will last for decades. Whether that will show appreciation for an award-winner, commemorate an important person or milestone, or introduce your business with professionalism and prestige, our dedicated team and passionate experts are ready to help you achieve the perfect look you have in mind.

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