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If a stadium or building didn’t have signage, how would people know where to go? How could government offices and hotels host conferences? Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more frustrating than a building with poor signage. Business owners often ask: how do we use signage to ensure that customers and employees can safely and efficiently make their way through our property? At New Style Signs, we have over 50 years of experience utilizing directional and wayfinding signs in buildings and facilities of all sizes in Mississauga and the GTA. We can help business owners answer this important question, and create a safe and easy to navigate environment.

Directional Interior Signage Helps Project Professionalism & Legitimacy

Legitimate businesses and companies have proper signage for all floors and offices. From the first day of business, signage projects an image of professionalism that is necessary for a company’s long term success. That’s why New Style Signs creates custom signs for new businesses and custom signs for new offices. This ensures that from day one, a professional, branded image is projected to anyone who visits your office or workspace. For an even more elegant look, New Style Signs offers metal plaques and illuminated channel letter signs, to ensure that every area of your business, inside and outside, projects a consistent, professional image.

Wayfinding Signage Ensures Safety and Prevents Visitor Buildup

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, signage is also important for a variety of other purposes. In an unsafe situation, people need to know where the emergency exits are located. Effective and clear signage can minimize confusion and chaos, and ensure that fire and safety drills go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Directional signs are crucial not only for the image they help your office project, but in ensuring that large groups of people are able to make their way safely to exit points, particularly in large office buildings and manufacturing settings.

Directional & Wayfinding Signage Creates a Better Shopping Experience

In terms of practicality and efficiency, buildings with a high volume of patrons require signage to stop individuals from creating traffic. Whether this be employees or customers, it’s important that everyone is guided clearly and effectively with directional signage towards any department or aisle. In a retail space, the flow of traffic from one department to the next is linked closely with larger purchases and customer carts. In a grocery store, for example, essential items like bread and milk are often placed at separate corners of the store, so wayfinding signage is crucial towards guiding the customer through the store, and introducing them to other options in the store along the way. A store with clear and professional signage can use it to promote other complimentary departments and products as well. With this in mind, let the experienced professionals at New Style Signs customize, fabricate, and install directional and wayfinding signs for your Mississauga or Greater Toronto Area business! For a Free Estimate, call us today at 905-363-0101, or right here!

For more information and information about pedestrian traffic flow, email us directly at Alternatively, you can call us at (905) 363-0101 for a free estimate on directional and way finding signs for your business.

Tips for Building The Right Interior Signage For Your Office or Business Setting

With more than 50 years serving the Greater Toronto Area, the experienced signage experts at New Style Signs understand your customers need clear direction. We will visit your business, and provide you with the professional advice needed to determine where you need signs, and where they should be placed. But we’re also proud to provide helpful best practices and tricks to all of our online visitors:

Take Advantage of the Positioning of Exterior Signs

Many business owners and corporate professionals fail to consider the location of their exterior directional signs. It’s important to place key signage in locations with high levels of foot traffic, and it’s important that wayfinding signage is created to appeal to a wide variety of likely customers and visitors. A clothing store may use signage to showcase their newest offerings or seasonal trends, and an electronics store may direct customers to the more expensive, big-ticket items. Finally, consider where the majority of customers are coming from when they arrive at your business. The direction of visitor traffic should guide you when creating and placing exterior directional signs.

Consider the Size of the Directional Sign in Your Business

When producing wayfinding signs for a business or new office, the size of the signs isn’t always taken into consideration. It’s important to review the local environment, to ensure that your sign not only stands out for its appeal, but helps you accomplish a business goal where possible. For example, a sign at a busy intersection with significant traffic could lose interest due to the noise and movement around it. However, a sign with valuable information, in an open area of a business can encourage customers to stop and read it, and head to where the sign points them towards. When it comes to boosting poor-performing departments, or encouraging complementary purchases, custom directional signage is an important tool in any business owner’s arsenal.

You Can Use Directional Signage On The Floors and Walls, Too

Customers look all around when visiting your store or office, and you can take advantage of this with business signage on empty floor space or empty wall space. One example would be when you have a wide flooring space that leads to multiple pathways in a building – this is where flooring signs can indicate pathways and conserve physical space for visitors. It can also help guide visitors to and through the checkout line to facilitate purchases. Lastly, if your business is looking to promote a sale or a unique product offering, floor and wall signage can give your visitors a final push towards the area that you’re looking to promote. A ‘clearance sale’ floor sign, or a ‘new products here’ wall sign can ensure that customers have exposure to the areas that do the heavy lifting for your business.

Provide Further Information With Directional Signs

To endear yourself to office and business visitors, you can provide information, along with the directional details on your sign. This additional information can provide value to visitors, create a sense of urgency, or incentivize a purchase. A directional sign to the clearance section of a retail location – along with the message that the store has a 30-day return policy – can reassure a visitor, and push them closer to making a purchase. A wayfinding sign to the company cafeteria that includes the hours of operation could be the difference between someone making a purchase at the cafeteria, or losing track of time.

Decades of Directory, Directional & Wayfinding Sign Experience

At New Style Signs, we have over 50 years of signage experience that has helped business owners and office managers not only provide a positive and convenient experience for visitors, but achieve unique business goals. For more information, contact us here or email us directly at Alternatively, you can call us at (905) 363-0101 for a free estimate on directional and wayfinding signs for your business.

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