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The experience of your customer begins well before they walk into your building. In fact, their perception of your business is often formed while they are in their car.

Perhaps they are listening to their GPS, while scouring the street attempting to locate your business. Alternatively, they may inadvertently see your business sign while shopping or running errands. Either way, it’s important to have a sign that impresses these individuals. A great sign instills confidence in the potential customer, and guides them to investigate your services. At New Style Signs, we make that first experience memorable, and give your business the polished, professional look that it deserves. After all, quality signage is the first signal to the customer that you offer quality products and services.

Pylon Signs and Monument Signs Customized for Your Business

Just like a lighthouse steers a ship through the fog, a bold pylon sign helps customers find you. At New Style Signs, we customize our fantastic selection of pylon signs to suit the needs of your business. Our catalogue consists of specialized features including an illuminated acrylic face, dimensional and vinyl lettering, and doubled-sided signage. We make all of our signs user-friendly and easy to maintain. Getting the design right for your business is what we’re passionate about.

Pylon signs, or monument signs, are fitting for businesses that need to broadcast their brand from a long distance. With the right sign, your company’s name and logo can attract the traffic driving to and from your location. It’s also extremely important for creating brand awareness in the local market. These signs create practical landmarks that reinforce the need for your products and services, and allow new customers to find your location, and feel a sense of confidence. Great signage reinforces the customer’s decision to work with you!

Tips and Advice on the Best Pylon Signs and Exterior Sign Practices For Your Business

At New Style Signs, we have over 50 years of experience serving the Greater Toronto Area, and we will visit your business and provide you with the professional advice you need to determine the best location and look possible for your pylon signs – which can custom build for you. The right look and function for you may be an LED pylon sign, an illuminated pylon sign, or a double sided pylon sign. We’re also very proud to provide helpful best practices and advice on pylon signs to all of our online visitors:

Welcome to Oakville Ontario Pylon Sign

The Best Pylon Business Signs Have The Following Look and Aesthetic

When building a pylon sign that will not only professionally display and promote your business, but drive traffic and customers to your physical location, it’s really important to get the details right. Specifically, the size, shape and color of pylon signage can be the difference between driving new interest and business, and being lost among the crowd.

The elevation must be just right – high enough to be visible to people in their cars, and to pedestrians walking by, but not too tall that it’s outside of most people’s range of vision. The design presence should represent the business in some fashion. A concert hall or event space would need illuminated pylon signage to direct visitors towards parking and towards the venue, and to represent the bright lights and excitement that awaits the visitor. Similarly, a graphic design company or a tattoo parlour should include unique font and text on their exterior signage to convey their creativity and capabilities to potential visitors.

How to Ensure Your Business Stands Out With Its Signage

At New Style Signs, one of the most important things we take into account is how your business can not only be visually well-represented, but how it can stand out among the competition with its signage. Even when other businesses are to be included on the same sign as yours, we have many tactics to help our customers stand out. We may recommend choosing a colour for the lettering that contrasts with the business names above and below yours. We may recommend outlining the lettering in a striking way, or using a background colour or shade that pops against the look and display of the other businesses. We also often utilize unique lighting and illumination, so that particularly in the winter, or in poor weather conditions with limited visibility, your business can still stand out among the rest.

The Right Colour, Shape and Dimension of Your Business’ Pylon Signs

Holten Transportation INC Pylon Sign

At New Style Signs, we obsess over all of the visual signage features that help your business stand out, and subliminally resonate with customers and potential new business. When choosing the colour scheme for your signage, in addition to standing out among the competition, you should also consider the other style elements on the sign. If your sign features organic shapes and curving lines, a natural, earthy hue such as green or blue would pair well. It’s also important to use contrasting colours instead of complementary colours – this will ensure that it’s as easy as possible for people to quickly and naturally take in your brand identity and the information you put out. In our experience, the old adage of keeping it simple would certainly apply towards monument and pylon signage. The average attention span is lower than ever, and as a competitive business owner you should never take a person’s attention for granted. With the number of competitors also increasing, it’s crucial that your signage is concise and precise. Finding the right balance between the most important information for the consumer, versus everything you’d like to tell a consumer about your business, can be challenging, but rewarding. In some cases, simply naming the service your business provides, rather than the name itself can convey the most important information – a bicycle repair shop or an ice cream parlour might want to use these descriptions, rather than the business name. Alternatively, a business with significant brand recognition, or a business looking to improve brand recognition might prefer to do the opposite. At New Style Signs, we debate these types of trade-offs all the time, and we relish the opportunity to help you represent your business as naturally and as effectively as possible.

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