3 Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Schools

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| 14 Sep 2022
3 benefits of using digital signage in schools

You’ve likely seen digital signs in many places, such as on the highway, where they can provide up-to-date information on traffic conditions, or outside of churches to indicate what topic they will be covering during a sermon that week.

Digital school signs are much easier and quicker than traditional letterboard signs to update, and one place they are becoming more common is in schools.

Digital signage for schools offers so many benefits:

  • It saves the school time and money.
  • It lets you post multiple messages with ease.
  • It Increases student and parent engagement.

Benefit #1: Saving Time and Money

One of the best benefits of having a digital sign for your school is it saves your school time and money.

With letterboard letters, someone has to keep track of where the letters are and ensure they remember to get the right message up at the right time. With digital signage at your school, it’s quick and easy to update your message, with nothing to keep track of.

Digital signage can also save your school money. The sheer hassle and cost of designing, printing, and distributing posters or banners to advertise a school event can be huge! With digital signage, your school can easily advertise upcoming events – and change the message as often as you want to.

Benefit #2: Post Multiple Messages With Ease

With a traditional letterboard system, it can be time-consuming to post one message, let alone multiple messages. By using digital signage in your school, you can offer multiple messages simultaneously or at different times during the day.

For example, your school is hosting a career fair at lunchtime today, and there’s a big football game tomorrow. You can use your digital sign to remind students arriving in the morning about the career fair and then change the sign after lunch to remind them about the football game. You can also use your school’s digital signs to provide details about the upcoming events, including location, timing and cost.

Benefit #3: Increase Student and Parent Engagement

Another great benefit of digital signage is that it can help strengthen parental and student engagement with schools.

These are just a few examples of how it can help increase engagement:

  • Students are notorious for forgetting to tell their parents about upcoming events. With digital signage, parents can easily access information about upcoming events thanks to digital signage posted prominently by the entrance to your school. So whether it’s an upcoming PD Day or report cards coming out, your student’s parents won’t be in the dark.
  • Digital signage can be a great way to recognize your student’s achievements. Let everyone know about awards your students are winning or championships they’ll be participating in.
  • You can also use digital signage to let your whole student body know about an upcoming event – whether that’s construction, a contest, or a school dance. Traditional methods, such as morning announcements or flyers don’t have nearly the reach that digital signage does.

How can New Styles Signs help me if I want digital signage for my school?

If you’re looking for a great way to communicate with students and parents easily, then getting digital signage for your school is a fantastic way to do it. You’re no longer stuck with using the traditional letterboard option, which involves someone having to painstakingly change letters one by one any time you want to make an update. Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of digital signage.

Digital signage can help you:

  • Quickly and easily inform parents and students of upcoming important dates. For example, you can use your school’s digital signs to remind students and parents when the last day of school is before a holiday break or when an upcoming PD Day is.
  • Give a “shout out” to your students and what they are working on! Congratulate your students on whatever they’ve achieved – whether that’s helping out in the community, hosting a science fair, or putting on a play.
  • Provide one focal point for your announcements. You don’t have to remember to announce an upcoming date or event in multiple places, such as in the staff lounge, the school newsletter, and your school Website. Instead, you can just post announcements in the one place everyone is guaranteed to see them – on your school’s digital signage near the school entrance!

Digital Signage for Your School Offers So Many Great Benefits

When you decide to install digital signage for your school, you’re automatically setting yourself up to receive so many benefits. You’ll be able to quickly and easily post any message you want for all your students, staff, and parents to see. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of letterboards or printing out paper copies of posters and sticking them up everywhere.

At New Style Signs, we’ll design digital signage for your school that suits your unique needs. We’ll talk to you about how you envision the digital signage for your school and explain your options for designing and installing a digital sign. Whether you want to be able to ensure students and parents are aware of important dates or be able to advertise job and volunteer opportunities, digital signage is the way to go.

Contact Us to Learn More About Digital Signage for Schools

We’re involved in every step of the way in designing digital signage for your school – from conception to installation. To learn more about how your school can benefit from purchasing a digital sign, call us at 866-594-8354 or contact us online.

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