Tips for Updating Your Business’s Signage

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| 01 May 2017
Updating Business Signs

As an entrepreneur you already know the benefits of effective business signage: branding, differentiation from competition, and attracting passersby traffic into your place of business. The ability of an outdoor sign to attract the local traffic inside your place of business to convert it into a customer stream is an especially important function of a new business sign. A start-up needs to hit the ground running in order to stay viable in today’s competitive business climate.

Business Not Robust? Could Be Your Signage.

If your start-up is not going according to your business plan, one reason could be your signage. Is your new business signage updated? Outdated signs will not draw customers in, and customers are a business’s lifeline.

Your signage tells prospective customers what they can expect from you versus your competition. And what all customers want is goods and services that are provided with the most up-to-date know-how. If your new business sign is dated, it signals to your target market that your business may be behind the times. Probably not at all what you want to communicate!

Luckily, ensuring that a new business sign is updated is not that difficult. It all boils down to a sign redesign and taking advantage of new technology.

The Overall Look

Contemporary business signage has that clean, streamlined look. Think sleek and minimal graphics. Busy, ornate and flamboyant business signs are the signs of the past. So, unless your company’s products or services are related to the past and nostalgia, your new business sign should adhere to that “less is more” design rule.

You probably have your own ideas about what you want to convey with your sign, but it’s best to have these ideas translated graphically by a professional design team. Your outdoor sign is your first impression to prospective customers, and you know what they say about first impressions!

Technology-Based Signage

To position your business at the cutting edge, your new business sign should have some digital elements. Although potentially more costly, digital signage (LCD and LED outdoor digital displays) have that “today” look in spades.

Consider using dynamic content with your digital signage. Consumers today are an impatient crowd, used to customization and personalization. With dynamic data you can grab their attention with flashing images and clever one-liners. And you can also easily change up the text whenever you need to convey to your target market a different message. This type of business signage is the ultimate in personalization and targeting.

Even if you have an online presence, you can’t afford to miss a huge marketing opportunity with lackluster or outdated signage. Studies show that it is in fact outdoor signage that has the most significant impact on sales. And for a start-up, an effective and updated new business sign will give it that critical starting jolt to ensure a smooth run down the road!

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