How To Make Your Church’s Sign Stand Out

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| 15 Nov 2016
Making Your Church Sign Stand Out

The basics of having a strong and faithful community will never change, but your church can still benefit from staying up-to-date and making sure your messages are heard. In addition to the words being conveyed, there’s also the spirit of the church that you’re expressing through your church’s sign. Make your church’s identity clear and easily accessed by everyone.

Is It Easily Seen?

As people walk or drive by, you want your sign to be easily spotted, which means that it should sit somewhere along the line of sight of passersby and away from other signs competing for the same attention. Adjusting for height is an important decision, because unlike other parts of the sign, it’s harder to alter once made. Most churches are located in quieter neighbourhoods, so the height of church signs is usually restricted.

Is It Easy To Read?

Having a readable sign means:

  • Large letters that have crisp edges and proper kerning between letters
  • A font that is discernible from afar and by readers whose eyesight may be a bit weaker
  • Lighting that makes the words easy to read under a variety of lighting conditions

In addition, your message should be brief but persuasive, since there’s no point in having a visually appealing sign if the words on it fall flat.

What Should Your Sign Say?

Your sign should say whatever works best, but some common themes and ideas used by other churches include:

  • Announcements of upcoming religious dates or church organized events
  • Celebrating the success and mourning the loss of members
  • Supporting or remarking on current events
  • Quotes from upcoming sermons

Make sure that the message contains only the keywords to balance brevity and impact.

Update Your Church Sign Regularly

Signs aren’t just meant to appeal to people who walk by the area, they can draw the attention of foot traffic or motor traffic that frequently go through the area. Whether you plan on being convincing over the course of one message or taking the patient route and winning them through multiple messages, newcomers and those with irregular attendance will be captivated by the inspired messages that are displayed through the church sign.

Letterboards are a cost effective way to get your message across, but for churches that want to invest in outreach and advertising, LED signs are perfect regardless of the weather. It’s easy to change the message going onto the LED sign and it can be done indoors.

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