Maintenance Is Crucial for Led Signs: Here’s Why

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| 06 Jan 2020
Maintenance Is Crucial for Led Signs: Here’s Why

A custom LED sign is a great way to make your brand, business, or organization stand out and literally see your name in lights.

But just as a computer requires more maintenance than an abacus, modern LED signs require more maintenance than a run of the mill, unlighted sign.

After all, modern LED sign systems effectively are computers—they include a mix of hardware and software that work together to display information. But unlike computers, LED signs live outside all year round, and withstanding the elements of a Toronto winter means regular maintenance is a must.

Without proper maintenance, your LED sign will become less effective over time. If it’s not cared for at all, the system will eventually stop working altogether, turning your bright, eye-catching digital display into an expensive but ineffective dud.

However, when you have your sign regularly maintained by a digital sign professional, you’ll be able to maximize your return on investment. Not only will you get the benefits that come from digital signs—including bright display, eye-catching visuals, and a second-to-none ability to attract eyeballs and convey information quickly and easily—you’ll also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing these advantages will last for years, extending the lifespan of your sign and providing continued value to your organization or business.

What Happens When You Neglect LED Maintenance

While a bright and well maintained LED display is eye-catching and easily attracts attention, a poorly maintained display will be equally obvious and attention-grabbing, but for all the wrong reasons.

One of the most obvious signs of digital sign neglect occurs when the screen stops working properly. This could mean the screen gets dimmer and harder for people to make out, or it could entail the screen going dark altogether, making it particularly obvious (and for most businesses, kind of embarrassing) that something is wrong.

Another way people neglect their LED display is to continue using outdated hardware or software long past the time that upgrades become available. Failing to upgrade your system leaves you stuck using older technology that may not perform as well as newer systems. This means you’re unable to take advantage of the latest advances in the industry and risk losing the attention of your target audience to those who use newer and better technology.

The other obvious signal that a digital sign is being neglected is when it continues to display information that’s obviously out of date. One of the biggest advantages of a digital sign is that it allows you to update the information it displays quickly and easily, keeping your content fresh and continually hooking people in with new information. When you fail to leverage this advantage and display information that’s not new or exciting, you fail to give people a reason to read your sign or patronize your business.

What’s involved in LED maintenance?

At this point, you (hopefully!) understand how important it is to provide regular maintenance to your LED display. But you might be wondering what that maintenance actually entails.

Conducting proper maintenance on LED signs and displays means regularly checking, servicing, and upgrading the following five parts of your digital sign.


As with computers, maintaining the hardware of your sign is important. But as alluded to above, LED maintenance may be even more important than regular computer maintenance, because your LED sign is subject to a lot of physical challenges that most computers don’t have to face. You should have your physical sign checked regularly to make sure the wiring is all in good working order and hasn’t been damaged by weather, gravity, rodents, or other accidents. You’ll also want a technician to look for loose connections, frayed insulation, or any burns that might have occurred.


Even if your LED sign isn’t physically damaged, being outside 24 hours a day virtually guarantees that it will get dirty if not maintained regularly. In addition to making your screen hard to see (which, of course, defeats the purpose), dirt and dust can also pose a risk to its operation. Dust can clog up internal components that are necessary to your sign’s operation and potentially cause it to overheat. To keep that from happening, you should have your entire system cleaned regularly, including screens, cables, and digital players. And you should schedule a full-scale cleaning, which requires briefly dismantling the system so the inside of it can be cleaned thoroughly, about once a year.


Since digital sign systems are constantly displaying information through bright lights, it’s no surprise that they can overheat if not maintained properly. When overheating happens, you run the risk that all of the electronics within the sign could be damaged or even destroyed. When having your system maintained, make sure attention is paid to the fans, air conditioners, or other cooling systems used to maintain the sign’s regular temperature.


As mentioned, modern LED signs operate very much like computers, using a mixture of hardware and software to convey information. And as with computers, LED software is frequently being updated to improve security and make your sign run even more effectively. Maintaining your LED software means updating to the latest releases, and (equally important) removing outdated or unnecessary programs or files.


As mentioned, you should think of the content that your sign displays as a crucial part of the regular care and maintenance of your sign. Fresh content keeps readers enticed and trains them to continue looking at your sign each time they pass by in order to get a new message or learn something new. Don’t lose out on one of the biggest advantages of digital signs—the ability to update your content quickly and frequently—by failing to craft a message that will get people’s attention.

Wrapping Up

We live in an attention economy where consumers are increasingly used to getting information from a glowing screen. LED signs are one of the best and most effective ways for your business or organization to take advantage of that trend and attract the attention of the people who matter most.

But when you decide to invest in a digital display, proper maintenance is essential in order to maximize your investment and get the most value out of your sign.

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