My Lobby is Small, Do I need a Sign?

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| 16 Feb 2018
6 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have A Lobby Sign

Your building lobby is the first point of interaction between your business and visitors. Placing a professional custom-made sign at the reception area or atrium can be a great way to not only impress and engage your visitors, but also reassure them they’re in the right place.

So what exactly is a lobby sign?

If you think you don’t need a lobby sign because you have a small reception area, it’s probably because you don’t quite understand the role of lobby signage.

First, think about the furniture, fixtures, or stands found in the foyer of an office. Depending on their size and placement, they can can create the feeling of a friendly atmosphere that doesn’t look cluttered or intimidating. Similarly, your lobby signs help to create a sense of direction and to invite your guests by informing them about the products, services, or offers they will receive from your business.

Benefits of lobby signs

A custom made lobby sign is a point of attraction in your reception area that you can use to promote your brand and inform your guests without overwhelming them. Here are some other reasons to use lobby signage:

  • Your visitors are naturally drawn to directory and custom architectural signs. So you can take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your brand, products, services, or offers.
  • Some lobby signs can also be used to hold or display merchandise (e.g. art easels, which is a common fixture in art galleries).
  • Using fixtures in your vestibule can help to make a great impression with your guests. Usually, the products you choose to be featured on the lobby signs, such as the easels, should also enhance the existing lobby decor.
  • If you opt for digital lobby signage, you can modernise and liven up your lobby. The fact that digital lobby signs are easy to update means they are more dynamic, adaptable, interactive, and entertaining for your guests.
  • You can use lobby signage to enhance the visitor or customer experience by not only serving the necessary and expected functions, but also providing more detailed information that will enhance their decision making.
  • Lobby signs can make it easier and faster to attend to your customers since they can be a rich source of information that answers commonly asked questions that would otherwise have to be answered by your employees.

All businesses can benefit from digital signage, regardless of their size. From restaurants and medical offices to schools and banks to gyms and commercial real estate, you can customise your lobby sign to add the most value for your business, like to advertise, give direction, showcase reviews, or even entertain and inform your guests as they wait.

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