Eye Catching Ideas For LED Signs

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| 02 May 2016
Eye-Catching LED Signs

The LED technology offers a myriad of benefits for business advertisement: the ads can appear as text, videos, or images; the lighting lasts considerably longer; there are better colour options; they are less expensive to operate compared to traditional fluorescent signs; and the signs can be installed indoors or outdoors on many different surfaces.

Indeed, the LED signs business is comparable to the dot com era in that nearly everyone is trying to get a piece of it. The large number of LED sign providers suggests that more and more businesses are switching over to digital advertising, which in turn, emphasises the need to craft an eye-catching LED sign to standout from your competitors and other digital signs on your block.

Here are a few ideas to make your LED displays attention grabbing to increase your business visibility.

  1. Bold Statement on a Large Outdoor Sign
    A bold statement made using an outdoor LED sign can be used to attract people to your business. If you make the sign large enough so it is visible to people driving or walking by, the audience may be intrigued to have a look at what you’re offering. For instance, a message like “Best Furniture Bargains Here!” may make passersby interested in looking at your products even though they were not actively shopping for furniture.
  2. The use of colourful text, images, and animations for outdoor signs
    If your budget is large enough, consider creating your LED sign with colourful text and animated images and placing it on a billboard. It is hard for drivers and pedestrians not to notice a large, colourful LED sign with a bold message and illustrated with a colourful animated image.
  3. Flashing or Scrolling indoor LED signs
    The strategic placement of one or more LED signs in your store can help to draw the attention of customers to your products and services. For static messages, you can use an animated or flashing LED sign with a bold and clear message such as (Kids’ Sale Corner!), while a scrolling LED message can be programmed to change the message anytime you deem it necessary to do.
  4. Offsite Locales
    Some local businesses, such as credit unions, may allow some of their members to place a small LED display in their lobbies. Such displays can be used to inform people of an event that your business is sponsoring while educating them of your business products or services.
  5. Vehicular Ads
    Consider placing LED signs on the sides of trucks, buses, and other suitable cars to reach your audience far from your physical business location. You can even do this for all your business cars so your marketing messages go wherever your employees go.

A colourful LED sign with an engaging message and image is likely to draw the attention of many customers. Keep these design ideas in mind for when you decide to upgrade your business signs to a unique and eye-catching LED display.

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