Digital Signage Ideas For Small Businesses

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| 10 Apr 2017
Small Business Digital Signage

Whether based on LCD, LED, or project technologies, digital signs are becoming the signage of choice for a wide range of businesses—from those in the large public forums to mom-and-pop outlets. And that’s because digital signs are not only so-of-today, being…well, digital, but also because they provide a very flexible, adaptable and attention-grabbing way of marketing.

The Proven Effectiveness Of Digital Signs

Digital signs are usually flat panel TV screens that promote whatever needs to be promoted through a continual, engaging series of images and texts that can be changed as different marketing goals arise.

And this type of signage has been proven to be very effective. According to research by Arbitron, having a digital sign at a service counter increases customer inquiry about a service between 5-15 percent. This is good news for small businesses such as a car dealership or a dentist’s office, for example.

In addition, research into retail settings shows that digital signs can increase sales revenue anywhere between 5 and 50%, while in some cases by a whopping 300%.

Digital Signs – Outdoor and Indoor

Outdoor digital signs are of course effective at drawing the outside traffic in with flashing, colourful images and choice slogans, but they are equally effective as internal advertising. They are a great tool for upselling, informing, and generating new business from referrals by the existing customer base. That’s because, once inside, the waiting customer has enough time to absorb digital signs’ promotional messages.

You could say that in-store digital signage is a “killing two birds with one stone” marketing strategy. According to research, in addition to increasing sales, digital signs can diminish customers’ perception of how long they wait for service by as much as 40 percent, thereby increasing their satisfaction with that service and creating customer loyalty. Something to consider by small business outfits that are often faced with peak times and skeleton staff.

How can these digital sign screens help a small business specifically?

  • By creating brand awareness: Digital signs can be programmed to tell stories about the company’s history, customers, employees, achievements, community involvement, and other shareable goodwill endeavours.
  • By highlighting new promotions and items on sale: Digital signs can promote a new sale, products and services, or any upcoming sales event.
  • By promoting related products and services (upselling): Digital signs can say to a customer, “If you like this product/service, also consider.”
  • By brightening and enlivening the interior: Screens with colourful, beautiful images are a cost-effective way of updating the interior of a store, thus enhancing the overall customer experience. Sure beats the cost of a full-blown renovation!
  • By delivering a stronger ROI: Regularly updating printed media can become costly. Digital signage is an upfront investment that keeps on generating returns.

As a small business owner, your digital sign investment is the purchase of the screen and the creation and management of content. (Prices for flat panels vary, but they have come down in cost recently.) Still, having the flexibility of digital displays to communicate and interact with your customers according to your marketing and business growth goals provides value that more than offsets the cost of this investment.

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