Church Signs: Why Digital Signage Is a Must-Have for Churches

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| 26 Mar 2023
Church signs: Why digital signage is a must-have for churches

There are more ways than ever to reach out to your church's congregation and community. Digital signage surpasses the abilities of traditional signs, offering more flexibility, convenience and opportunities to spread your message. 

Digital church signs offer new and creative ways to attract new visitors and connect with your congregation. Plus, they're quick to update. Your less technologically inclined staff will thank you. Furthermore, there is no more fiddling with letterbox signs when it's chilly outside.

Read on to discover how digital signs can take your church's communication strategy to the next level. 

Plenty of Flexibility 

There are a few things to expect when you update from a traditional sign to a digital one. There will, of course, be an additional draw from your electricity source to power the sign. Thankfully, LED signs are energy efficient and long-lasting, but more on that later. 

Additionally, you must be connected to a dependable internet or mobile network to write and upload messages. You'll need a set of weather-resistant cables.

One of the main benefits of updating from a traditional to a digital sign is the ability to update your messaging at the drop of a hat. Plus, they don't need to be lit by an accompanying light fixture. 

The Computerized LED signs we offer can also display a single, brightly lit constant message. Basic standalone messages can include the following:

  • Church contact information.

  • Regular service times.

  • Meaningful religious passages or quotes.

  • Names of the ministerial staff.  

  • Display seasonal sermon hours and holiday-specific messaging.

  • Broadcast timely event reminders around the clock, including baptisms, weddings, or funeral details. 

  • Raise awareness about your upcoming charity/fundraising efforts.

  • Display colourful pictures, videos, colour changes and animations. 

As long it aligns with your church's mission, there are many compelling ways to take advantage of photos and videos. 

Engage With and Retain Members 

Interior signage can promote community, keeping your congregation informed, educated or entertained. Make a great first impression with a welcome sign in the foyer and post key upcoming event dates. Display dynamic, eye-catching visuals to evoke a specific mood in a room.

Point parents to the nursery and childminding rooms and direct staff to their posts. Interior signage is an excellent place to post financial information, such as digital giving or tithing options. In addition, local businesses can support the church by purchasing ad space on their digital signage to promote services to churchgoers. 

Consider exterior signage if you are a larger church that hosts events outside the primary weekly services. They can direct visitors to the correct entrance of your building. As they arrive onsite, visitors who may not be congregation members will surely appreciate a message to point them in the right direction. 

Since there can be a lot going on in a week, church admins can get organized by creating a communications calendar for the digital signage. Our digital signs offer scheduling options that align seamlessly with your communication plan. 

Another valuable function of these signs is the ability to sync up your primary building's communications with your church's neighbouring buildings. Think parish halls, youth centres, gymnasiums or community kitchens. 

Display song lyrics to the congregation during worship sessions. Remember a display for the choir or music team to reference as well. With the help of a digitized sign, your church can expand the reach of your most crucial messaging on both the exterior and interior of your building. 

Tap Into High Visibility Opportunities to Earn New Visitors

Grab the local community's attention by strategically placing digital signage in high-visibility areas. This placement gives your church the option to speak directly to the local community in many clever ways. 

Our single or double-sided signs can be incorporated into your building's architecture, propped on a sign box or mounted to a freestanding pylon.

The double-sided sign is an easy way to maximize exposure to your messaging. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to get creative. Promote your most exciting, community-friendly events, including movie screenings, barbecues, sports leagues, and vacation school for kids. 

These signs provide an excellent opportunity to spread awareness about what makes your church unique. For example, display them here if you offer more than one service time. Share whether or not you provide programs for children or nursery services. You can also use the space to define essential and distinguishing features of your church's denomination. 

Experiment with a playful message if it suits your denomination's style. 

Where appropriate, go for a silly church-related pun. Inspirational quotes and scriptures are easy ways to earn a smile or brighten someone's day.

Another approach is to display a message that will challenge them to think deeply. 

You can also post a meaningful passage of scripture that best represents your church's mission. Include your church's website if it offers valuable information for new visitors. Funny, thought-provoking or inspirational messages are always a great way to motivate passersby to check out what you have to offer.

Great Value and Environmentally-Friendly

LED lights power our digital signs. As mentioned previously, they're an environmentally-friendly option. They don't emit much energy to operate, and they are long-lasting.

They only use about 10 watts of power, about 80% less than a comparable neon sign. In addition, LED technology doesn't significantly strain the local environment. 

For one, it doesn't include harmful mercury, a toxic material; it can be placed in recycling when it's no longer in use. At this point, LED technology can last for up to six years. It can be an incredible value over time.

Take advantage of the flexible nature of a digital sign to find new and improved ways to connect and engage with your congregation. Additionally, tackle the ever-so-important task of attracting new visitors to your neighbourhood. 

New Style Signs offer fully customizable digital LED signs with computer-changeable messages. To learn more about church signs and to get a quote, call New Style Signs at 1-866-591-6938 or contact us here.

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