Church Signs 101: Perfect Design for Optimal Congregation Engagement

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| 15 May 2019
Church Signs 101: Perfect Design for Optimal Congregation Engagement

Church signs are essential to spreading messages of faith and connecting with a congregation, as well as updating them on upcoming events and service schedules. For a regular passersby, church signs are one of the most effective ways to pique their interest and provide accessible communication.
With so many churches around, it’s important for yours to stand out in order to grow your congregation and keep regular churchgoers engaged in community building activities. This starts with designing the perfect church sign to capture interest and draw the flock inside.

Trends in Church Signs

Over the years, church signs have evolved according to the latest technologies in designing signs, with the goal of reaching their target audience through effective messages of faith and hope and inviting potential new members of a congregation to join them in church activities. The most popular church signs are changeable letters and computerized messages.

Changeable Letters

Changeable letter signs are a time-honoured tradition in churches, as audiences have grown accustomed to keeping an eye out for new announcements and staple information spelled out in block letters. Changeable letter signs are also popular due to their flexibility — these double-sided signs make it easy to write out a Bible verse or inspirational messages, as well as indicate the schedule for services.
These letters can be quickly shuffled and present endless combinations, so you can easily reach the church congregation and other potential members with carefully crafted messages on the church sign.

Digital Signs

A growing number of churches are embracing computer technology, and this includes sending out messages through computer-enabled church signs. These digital messages are illuminated with brilliant LED lighting and projected digitally. Announcements, bible verses, and service schedules can be projected as scrolling text, so you won’t have to worry about publishing longer messages that weren’t possible with changeable letter signs.
Aside from keeping up with the latest technology, computer changeable church signs also help your church stand out and make important messages highly visible. This makes it easy to stay connected with your congregation through up-to-date announcements, as well as reach potential new members and draw them to your growing flock.

What to Write on Your Church Sign

Selecting a type of church sign is just one part of the job, though. The more crucial part of designing an effective church sign is crafting an effective message.
At their core, effective church signs list complete basic information, such as the church address and contact information, regular service schedule, upcoming community events, Bible quotes and inspiring messages, names of the clergy, and the year that the church was founded.
Whether you choose a changeable letter or computer changeable church sign, you can effectively relay all these messages and information to the rest of the community and reap the benefits of increased engagement and church attendance.

How to Design a Church Sign

Aside from selecting the right type of sign and crafting core messages, it’s also important to consider other factors in installing your church sign to ensure its effectiveness.

1. Budget

Fact is, installing a new church sign is an expense, so it’s important to ensure efficient use of finances for this investment. Make sure to research several options to find the perfect balance between getting the features you need and your budget.

2. Permits

Did you know that depending on where the church is located and where the sign will be erected, you may need to secure a permit. Make sure to check city regulations to be certain that your church sign can be put up without the risk of fines and sanctions.

3. Installation time

How soon do you need the church sign? When discussing your requirements with a manufacturer, make sure to ask about the timeframe, so you can plan out your content calendar accordingly.

4. Location

Where will your church sign be erected? Make sure to select the most visible spot for maximum engagement. This depends on the church architecture as well as ground layout. The best-performing church signs are located in areas with high foot traffic and good visibility from outside, such as in the direction of oncoming traffic.

5. Energy emission

With digital signs, you can trust that the LED lighting used for illumination is environmentally friendly, so your community can do its part in promoting eco-friendly living. Plus, LED lighting is cost-effective, which presents opportunities to earn generous energy savings for years to come.

Find the Right Manufacturer

With the growing popularity and effectiveness of signs as a publicity tool, there’s no shortage of manufacturers and installation providers. To make sure that you erect a truly effective church sign, it helps to select a designer that has a lot of experience working in this niche market. They can help you select the best type according to your requirements and budget, so you can craft powerful and captivating messages to connect to your target audience. Working with a reputable manufacturer also helps to ensure the use of the latest technology, so you can guarantee the longevity of your church sign.
The right sign and perfect location guarantee optimal engagement and will make your church stand out to both members of the congregation of potential new members. All you need is an inspiring message to welcome everyone to a house of faith.
For more information about designing the perfect church sign, call New Style Signs at 8665948354 or contact us here.

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