Can Digital Signage Improve Sales?

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| 20 Nov 2017
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Whether you are advertising on the street with an outdoor sign or magnetic vehicle graphics, or within the halls of a local business, you need a professionally made sign that takes into account your business needs. But are digital signs the way to go?

1. Digital Signs Reach a Larger Audience than Facebook or Internet Videos

A 2010 study by Arbitron revealed that digital signs placed in public spaces reach a larger audience than videos played on social media or the internet. 75 percent of respondents claimed to have seen a digital billboard in the past month. With the growth of YouTube and Facebook videos in recent years, these statistics may have changed drastically, but this wouldn’t refute the notability and memorability of digital signage.

2. Customers Engage with Digital Signage

Out of the 75 percent of respondents in the Arbitron study who stated that they saw a digital video display, 47 percent of them mentioned they specifically remembered seeing an ad. This implies that consumers do a lot more than simply glance at a digital sign—they engage.

3. Digital Signs Are Entertaining

A 2012 study in Sweden observed that drivers spent more time looking at digital billboards compared to traditional ones. The distraction was not dangerous. This study indicates that vivid, animated displays are more eye-catching than static ones.

4. Digital Signs Are Memorable

A recent study revealed that 55 percent of the people who saw a digital billboard could recall the exact message advertised every time they came across a similar one. However, an amazing 89 percent of the people could recall specific ads when multiple ad campaigns were run.

5. Digital Signs Drive Sales

71 percent of respondents in a recent survey revealed that they felt that digital billboard advertisements were more prominent than online ads and TV ads. In fact, 19 percent of consumers claimed they had made impulse purchases because of a digital advertisement they had seen.

How to Invest in Digital Signage

Digital signage comprises a range of electronic displays, from electronic menus outside restaurants to animated advertisements on buildings. Businesses can leverage the technology to advance their business in different ways, including promoting products and services to passing shoppers, entertaining kids in a shopping mall, or even providing news and information to visitors. Digital signage creates a way to transform the customer experience, influence shoppers, and ultimately boost sales.

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