Advantages of LED Signs

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| 11 Sep 2019
Advantages of LED Signs

There are three main options when it comes to light up signs for your business: neon, fluorescent, and LED. Recently, more companies are harnessing the value of LED signs for their company, and within this latest post, we’re explaining more about the many benefits that LED signs can bring to your Toronto organization.


One of the clear benefits of choosing LED signs for your company is the level of brightness these signs offer. That’s because of the innate value of LED lighting, which is that it can be easy to read up close and from a significant distance. You can also see LED signs when the sun is shining, and so the sign will capture interest from those in the area regardless of the local weather.

Environmentally-Friendly Performance

Another reason so many companies are now using LED signs is that the signs are environmentally-friendly. The typical LED sign only uses 10 watts of power, which is about 80% less energy than the comparable neon system requires. This means you’ll be using less energy and placing less strain on local resources.

You’ll also save hundreds of dollars per year on your lighting costs with LED signage. Another environmental benefit of LED signs is they don’t use toxic gases like mercury and can be recycled without dangerous contaminants potentially entering the local environment.

Low Maintenance

When you’re looking for a sign that will help save your business time and money in promoting the brand, LED signs are a great option. Their long lifespans mean that you can depend upon them for limited maintenance needs for the years ahead. They don’t contain any glass tubes or gasses, which can often be fragile and cause the breakdown of the lighting system.

Another benefit is that they’re easy to clean. The entire cleaning process takes just a few minutes, so you won’t have to spend much time away from your operations. They also work in almost any type of harsh environment, so they don’t need much protection from inclement weather. LED signs are the easy-to-install, virtually maintenance-free option for the hardworking business owner!


Because LED signs don’t require tubes, manufacturers can make the products thinner. A neon sign could be as thick as 3-to-5 inches, while an LED sign might only be 1-inch thick. There are many add-on benefits due to LED signs’ smaller sizing. It’s more cost-effective to ship LED signs to your business as a result of their smaller width. It’s also easier and more cost-effective to install because the sign is smaller and easier to fit within the stand or structure on the property.

Creative Flexibility

You also have greater creative flexibility when you select LED signs. LED technology is evolving quickly, and you can now integrate a range of animations and colour changes within your LED sign design. If you’re working with expert programmers, the signs can be built to light up, fade, and flash independently. This gives you a greater range of options when promoting your business and its products and services.


Now we come to the leading benefit of LED signs: their durability. The highest quality LEDs can last as long as 100,000 operational hours. This is as much as 6 years longer than the equivalent fluorescent sign. A leading issue in using fluorescent bulbs is they tend to fade over a period of time. With some maintenance, LED signs will often remain as bright as their first day of use throughout their lifetime.

Questions to Ask When Buying LED Signs

Now that we’ve explained a little more about the reasons behind the value of LED signs, let’s explore the questions you should consider when selecting LED signs for your business.

1.Is the software secure?

It’s important the software your sign company uses is completely secure so that your sign is protected around the clock. Find out more about the software and the level of security your sign installer can offer.

2.How do you control brightness?

There should be a range of options for adjusting the brightness of your sign. Ask your sign company about the process for adjusting the settings, and have them go over this process with you several times before you make the final purchase decision.

3.Can you schedule messaging?

Make sure there’s an option to schedule the messaging throughout the day via your sign. For example, if you’re operating a restaurant, you might want the sign to display breakfast options in the morning and the dinner options later in the day. Ask the sign company about how to schedule the messages the sign displays. This will help you to get the maximum return on investment for the sign you choose.

4.What support is there?

Find out more about the level of tech support the company offers for their signs. Can they provide you with support around the clock? This will be important if your sign goes out in the build-up to a big company event. You’ll need to speak with a sign expert on short notice. Find out more about their support service and whether it meets your business requirements.

5.What are the warranty options?

You’ll need comprehensive coverage to protect your investment in LED signs. Make sure that the company you select can provide you with a full warranty that protects you in case of damage and software failure over the coming years. Speak to the company directly about the warranty options and make sure you’re comfortable with the coverage levels provided.

To learn more about the advantages of LED lights, call New Style Signs at 905-363-0101 or contact us here.

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