9 Church Signage Ideas to Consider

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| 15 Jun 2023
9 church signage ideas to consider

Every church needs at least one sign. Professional signage is one of the best ways to keep your congregation informed of events, inspired by scripture, or aware of changing worship times. Signs can also be used to spread messages of faith and stand out to new prospective members.

Why are signs important for churches?

Ultimately, signs are used to communicate information and ideas. They are also a powerful branding tool, helping readers develop a better understanding and deeper connection to your organization.

For churches, signs present an opportunity to keep your congregation informed of events and worship times. However, you can also use signage to express your values and nurture your church’s relationship with its community. Signs are a great way to share a little bit about what kind of church you are and what newcomers should expect.

Furthermore, you can draw attention to your organization on a consistent basis by regularly updating your signage with helpful or witty messages.

The Most Common Types of Church Signage

1. Lightbox signage

As the name suggests, light box signs are lit up for optimum readability—day and night!

Also known as illuminated signs, they’re a fantastic way to draw attention to your church and communicate your message with ease. They are especially effective in rural communities where there are fewer competing light box signs.

2. Outdoor LED and electronic signage

LED and electronic signs are particularly eye-catching, making them a great option for communicating a wide range of messages. Regardless of the weather or time of day, LED signs effectively display your message for all to see.

3. Changeable letter signage

Changeable letter signs are typically used alongside a more permanent light box sign. The lightbox contains your church’s name, logo, and other graphics. The changeable letter sign, on the other hand, is updated manually to display your chosen message.

One of the main advantages of choosing a changeable letter sign is that you can alter your message whenever you need to.

You can update the sign with announcements for upcoming events, special services, and worship times, thus keeping your congregation informed. If plans or schedules change abruptly, updating your signage is easy.

4. Monument signage

Monument signs are made from masonry (or a masonry-like material) to complement the architecture of traditional churches. Within the masonry frame is a lightbox sign, a changeable letter sign, or an LED display.

Additional Church Signage Ideas to Consider

1. Logo signage

Logos are an excellent way to make your organization instantly recognizable to passersby. If your church does not have a logo, then your name can act as the logo. However, logos are usually much shorter and compact than a sprawling name, which makes them easier to identify in a hurry.

Logo signage are simply signs that display your church’s logo for fast readability. They help your congregation and visitors find and identify you with ease. These signs can be made from any material, although you may choose to include your logo on a lightbox or monument sign.

2. Wayfinding signage

The purpose of wayfinding or directional signage is simple: to help your congregation and visitors find their way. You don’t want anyone getting lost in your building. It’s important that everyone gets around without any problems.

Wayfinding signage plays an important role in directing your congregation towards rooms where specific events are being held, bathrooms, and classrooms. They’re especially beneficial for the elderly, young children, and first-time visitors.

If you have a large building or are situated on a church campus, wayfinding signage is particularly essential.

3. Vinyl wall graphics

Vinyl wall graphics transform the empty wall space within your church into a canvas for inspiring messaging. You can display Bible verses, custom designs, or illustrations.

Additionally, they can be custom made for a specific room or function, such as whimsical pictures for a nursery.

4. Window graphics

If your church has plain glass windows, you should consider using window graphics to display useful information or decorations. For example, window graphic signs can contain the times for worship, contact information, or even room identification.

5. Portable signage

Portable signs and banners are great things to have. Since they’re designed to be easy to transport, they can be set up quickly, and simply anywhere you need them. They can be used to point visitors toward a specific event or provide useful information that doesn’t need to be displayed all the time.

What to Include on Your Church Signage

What should you include on your church signage? There are endless possibilities. Here are a few to consider:

  • Building signage. This can include the name of your church and logo.
  • Service times. A changeable letter sign is best if your worship schedule changes.
  • Program promotion such as support groups, summer camps, or new classes.
  • Seasonal messages for Christmas and Easter.
  • Community events. Including these events on a highly visible sign is a great way to let your congregation know about them.
  • Scripture and quotes to inspire your members.
  • Historical information about your church and its location.

    Church Signage From New Style Signs

    Signage plays an essential role in communicating with your congregation. It can be used to keep your members up to date on worship times, forthcoming events, and new programs. Plus, signs help your congregation feel inspired and connected to their church and community.

    Ultimately, a professional, high-quality sign sends the right message to your members and visitors.

    Fortunately, New Style Signs can help with this goal. For more than 50 years, we have been providing the finest sign products to clients across the GTA. We are your local signage experts.

    To learn more about >church signage, call New Style Signs at 866-591-6938 or contact us here.

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