3d Lobby Signs: X Creative Examples

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| 19 Jun 2017

3D Lobby signs are a great way to catch the eye of potential customers and clients, and make your business stand out. Lobbies can be cluttered with signage, and a 3D sign can ensure nobody gets lost on their way to your office or shop.

3D Lobby Signs

Usually made with acrylic material, 3D signs are made to, literally, stand out. Below are some eye-catching ideas.

  1. Letters on the Wall
  2. Letters On The Wall

    By mounting 3D letters, or a logo, directly onto the wall, you can catch the eyes of clients in an elegant, simply designed way. By affixing the letters directly to the wall, you create a cleaner, more stylish work than having them within another sign in the background. The wall gives you a looser, bigger space to play around with as well.

  3. Illuminated 3D Sign
  4.  Illuminated 3D Sign

    Illuminating your 3D sign will make it stand out even more! Make sure to take into account the colour of the wall, and the lettering, when choosing what colour light to use. The right combo can really pop! Illuminated signs are also great for exteriors, making it easy for people to find your business or office from the road.

  5. Glass Mounted
  6. Glass Mounted

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    Having your lettering mounted on a clear plexi-glass or plastic background gives it a stylish, elegant look. The clear background makes the lettering on the sign stand out, while still giving it an elevated look. You can also play around with colours and lettering style to create a unique look for your sign.

  7. Minimalist Sign
  8. Minimalist Sign

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    This may be a minimalist sign, but it certainly catches the eye. The combination of 3D and backlighting provides a trendy, impossible to miss sign. Playing with geometric shapes is also effective with 3D signs.

  9. Logo Board with Cut-Out Letters
  10.  Logo Board With Cut-Out Letters

    The cut-out letters in this 3D sign panel make a clever and striking use of negative space. The metal against the wood panelling also creates an interesting juxtaposition.

As you can see, 3D signs are a great way to make your image stand out. There are endless options when it comes to 3D sign design. At New Style Signs, we pride ourselves on providing the GTA with some of the very finest interior and exterior architectural signs. Our client base spans across Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and the GTA.

We provide a wide variety of signs, including 3D and illuminated signs. If you are considering a 3D sign, or other type of sign, we can provide you with fully customized sign design, as well as expert installation. Contact us today, or visit our showroom, located in Mississauga!

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