10 Steps for Updating Your Business’ Sign

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| 04 Oct 2021
10 Steps for Updating Your Business’ Sign

Your signs say a lot about your business. If you have an old sign that is faded, cracked, or missing some light bulbs, this gives the message that your business is old and failing. You want your business sign to speak volumes about your success, draw positive attention to your company, and attract the right kind of clientele.

Therefore, you really need to do a sign audit every few years to make sure it remains relevant and well maintained. Here are 10 steps for updating your business’ signs to keep up with your image.

1. General appearance

First, simply stand back and examine your signs. How do they look? Are the colours still vibrant? Are there signs of wear and tear? Are there cracks and fading? Is anything flapping around that’s come loose? Is there peeling paint? Anything that says “fix me” should be addressed right away.

2. Brand updates

Next, are your signs still true to your brand? Is that the right logo? Does it match any recent updates you might have made such as new colours, logos, or fonts on your latest website and social media branding? It can be easy to overlook your signage when you complete a brand makeover. Make sure your signage reflects those changes and aligns with all of your marketing and branding efforts.

If all seems to align with your latest brand updates, then ask: do your signs make it easy for customers and your audience to identify with your brand? Will people get who you are and what you do, or is there a chance for a disconnect that could cause people to pass you by? In fact, you might even decide after a closer look at your signage that it’s a good time to update your brand to make you become more relevant!

3. Are your signs legible?

Consider how legible your signs are from all vantage points. How close do people have to be to read them? If they are outdoors, are they easy to see when cars drive by? Can people see them as they approach, or do they have to be right up on the sign before they even know there’s something to see? You want your signs to have maximum impact, so more people see them.

However, you need to see your signs from your customers’ eyes. Drive by your business and see if you notice them without looking for them. Remember, you know the signs are there, but do unsuspecting people get a good look? Do the same on foot, from a block away from both directions, and from across the street. If you find your sign gets lost, you’ll need to rethink the design.

4. Are they compliant?

COVID-19 has introduced new measures that you still have to adhere to even as things open up. You also have to remain compliant to ensure that people with disabilities have safe access to your buildings. This can be tricky as, unlike the U.S., Canada doesn’t have consistent rules and bylaws to help guide businesses on accessibility standards. You want to make sure you are following recommended best practices to make your business feel safe and accessible for everyone.

5. Do your signs make it clear you’re open for business?

You want your signs to make it obvious that you are open for business. As mentioned in point #1, old, faded, and cracked signs can send a message that you’re not even open. It makes your business look rundown and possibly even shut down. You want your signs to make it clear you are up and running and successful to attract customers, and make people feel confident you can meet their needs. Whether you are a restaurant, a clinic, a retailer, or a photocopy service, your sign needs to announce you are fully operational and that customers are welcome.

6. Is there room for more signs?

Once you get a good feel for your signs, consider if your building offers opportunities to add more signage. Blank walls, large windows, your door, an awning, etc. can all provide space that you can take advantage of to advertise. This goes for inside your business as well.

7. Can you go digital?

Maybe it’s time to consider going digital. An LED sign is very versatile and can be used in many different ways to draw attention to your business. It can be used for basic branding, but can also send messages about promotions, announce new product arrivals, show people your hours, and more.

8. Check out the competition

Looking at what your competitors are doing sign wise can be a real eye opener. You might find that your signs are much more effective, but you might also see your shortcomings. Decide what you can do better to stand out more and help set yourself apart. Remember, you’re not just competing with actual competitors, but with all the noise of the signs of your neighbours’ businesses. If you are in the middle of LED sign central, you might have to up your ante and go digital yourself, so you don’t get lost in all that flash.

9. Maintenance and ROI

Consider everything you’ve learned about your signs and the type of sign updates you are leaning towards. Speak to a sign expert to understand your options and where you’ll see the best return on investment. How much maintenance your new signs require, as well as how long you can expect them to last, will impact your decision.

10. Assess your budget

List all the improvements you need, and consider how much money you can put towards sign updates. This is important, as you want to speak to our team to find affordable ideas that make the most of your money. We can offer quotes for the types of signs available, and also advise you on where you should prioritize your signage options to get more bang for your buck.

Going through these 10 steps will help you come up with a sign update strategy that aligns with your brand, helps you stand out from the competition, and make a smart investment that sees the most ROI.

If you’d like more information on custom business signs that many Mississauga businesses use, speak to our team at New Style Signs today.

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