Vinyl Banners: Help Your Business Grow

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| 19 Sep 2016
Growing Your Business With Vinyl Banners

Growing a business can happen in a number of ways, but most businesses experience greater success when they are selling more products and services. Since there’s often a saturation point for how much one customer can buy from you, once your salesforce has upsold as much as possible, the next step is to increase your customer base. Attracting new customers is an issue faced by every company, and an online presence is just one approach to bringing attention to your business. There is still much to be said about standard forms of advertising as research shows.

Signage is the lifeblood of retail

There is a reason behind the bold signage that appears in visible places for stores that rely on foot traffic to generate sales. Studies show that for many businesses, 85% of customers of a store will live or work (or both) within a five mile radius of the shop, which makes sense because, for the most part, customers want convenience.

If you’re not a large company with a proper budget for billboards, an effective alternative is the vinyl banner. Businesses situated in warehouse and manufacturing districts will tend to be close to large roadways, which will require larger banners visible from afar. All information on the banner must be easily discernible since motorists have a short time to read it. On the other hand, businesses located in pedestrian-friendly areas can be sufficiently served by signs that are lower to the ground and smaller.

Connecting with potential customers

A significant number of your new customers will have stumbled upon your business by chance, while another important sector of new clients come from positive word-of-mouth. The keys to growing your customer base are the underlying links: people who ask their friends for recommendations and people who discover your company by accident. The second option works best with volume—the more people come across your advertisement, the more effective it is. Vinyl banners have a long life-span, meaning a well-placed banner can be seen by a large number of people, so your return on investment can end up to be very high.

From recognizing the need for a vinyl sign to the final step of putting the sign up, the process is quick and easy. There’s a reason why even large companies continue to rely on vinyl banners to this day: they’re simple and effective.

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