Tips To Create An Attractive Real Estate Sign

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| 09 Feb 2017
Real Estate Signage

While “location, location, location” is what drives the price of a property, “attention, attention, attention” given to its real estate signs, is what drives potential buyers into the selling agent’s sphere of influence. And that means a potentially quick sale, and a growing network of contacts for you.

So, it’s critical for real estate signage to be attractive and eye-catching to your target market. Here are a few ways to accomplish this.

“For Sale” Signs

The importance of design. Generally, bold colours and a pleasing design on a “For Sale” sign go a long way in attracting potential buyers. However, you do need to make sure that the sign is not over the top, which may evoke just the opposite reaction. The design and the colour palette should fit the target market. In more upscale neighborhoods, for instance, the minimal and understated look is more effective than bold and brash.

Readability. The sign must have the critical information — your name and contact info — easy for people to read from a distance, so it’s legible to those that drive by. That means large type for the text and contrast between the background and the text. Black text on white background, yes. Black text on grey background, no.

Customization. The best way to customize your sign to each property or reflect any changes in the listing is to use real estate sign riders. Riders are a very versatile and effective add-ons to the sign that can show or list a property’s highlight features, such as a swimming pool or cathedral ceilings. They can also inform of a price reduction or that the house was sold in just two days. These riders are usually placed either at the top or the bottom of the sign, so when designing your core sign keep that in mind.

Special message. Some agents use a clever or humorous message on their sign or rider to make it more memorable. Selling a historic property? A “Not haunted” rider on the sign may make people smile and entice them to go in. At the very least, it will make the property memorable!

That extra oomph. To make the sign stand out in our winter’s long nights, consider making your sign reflective. Produced on special coroplast material, these banners shine when contacted by a light, and will make your message stand out in the dark.

Real Estate Directional Signage

For an estate agent all real estate signage — “For Rent”, “For Lease”, and especially “Open House” — is an important trade tool, and needs to be inviting and attractive.

One of the most important real estate directional signs is the “Open House” sign. Intrinsically, the same design tips as recommended for the “For Sale” sign apply here as well: the use of bold colours, large type and format, noticeable contact info and a rider to customize the invitation to view. When placed in strategic spots to guide the pedestrians and drivers to your open house, they will ensure that your open house is a success.

A welcoming sign in the hall for the open house is also a nice touch and will make the house viewing more memorable. Consider also smaller directional signs showing the visitors the way around the house, while discreetly promoting the features of the home. For instance, a sign showing the way to a “backyard made for entertaining” is both helpful and promotional.

Real estate signage is a very important marketing and promotional tool for you as an agent. Designed well, signs trigger an interest not only in those actively in the market, but just as importantly, in those not looking but who may have been thinking about it, or know someone who’s looking. To get your signs produced, find a company that is known for providing customized signage options and can bring their experience and craftsmanship to the table. Your signage is the first impression you make to your potential buyers, and as we all know well, first impressions count!

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