Things To Consider Before Installing A New Sign

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| 23 Aug 2017
Things To Consider Before Installing A New Sign

Custom made signs are perfect for displaying your business’ logo, school crests, and church names. If you are undertaking the task of installing a new sign for your establishment, there are certain things to consider before getting started.

Local Permits

Every city is different. Some may allow you to install a sign at any time, while others will only permit it during certain hours of the day. You can look online at your city’s website to see if you need a permit to install custom made signs at your location, or if you can just go ahead and do it.

Furthermore, check out your city’s bylaws to see what kind of sign you’re allowed to install. There may be size and design requirements that must be met before you can put your new sign up. Also, some areas will even go as far as requiring you to get your sign approved by council before it can be installed. This is usually done so that certain neighbourhoods that have historical properties do not have their design and aesthetic compromised. If you don’t follow local bylaws and ordinances you may be forced to take your sign down, creating extra work for you and unnecessary expenses.

Sign Location

Custom made signs need to be seen. If potential customers and passersby cannot see the sign, they will not know that your enterprise exists. The point of having a sign displayed outside of your business, church, or school is to advertise that it is there. In order for your customized sign to get the most traction, ensure that it is installed in a location that is visible from the sidewalk and the road.

Safety First

When installing any custom made sign, make sure your are safe. Accidents happen, and it’s important that you protect yourself should anything go wrong. You may have to climb a ladder to install your sign, or use tools you’ve never used before. Ensure that you Google how to use the tools and that the ladder is secure before you climb it. Have an employee stand at the bottom of the ladder as a spotter in case of danger. Moreover, if you are installing an illuminated sign, make sure the power is off before you install it. Only turn the power on once you are finished and have stepped away.

Custom made signs are our speciality at New Style Signs. Contact us for more information about how we can create the right sign for your school, church, or business.

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