How To Send The Right Message With Your Church Sign

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| 11 Sep 2017
Designing Church Signage

Every sign attempts to fulfill two key objectives: direct visitors looking for a specific business or location, and spark interest among viewers who are unfamiliar with the brand or message. For churchgoers, a sign mostly helps to direct visitors to their preferred church in a new location.

It is unlikely that your sign could influence people who attend other churches to choose yours, but a well-made sign could attract people who have recently relocated to your area, or encourage passersby to attend your service. A beautifully designed sign is also a source of pride for the congregation.

So, what elements should you take into consideration when designing a church sign? As with any other signage project, you should start by assessing the key components, which include:

  • Location

  • Materials

  • Lettering

  • Colours

  • Symbols

  • Lighting

  • Budget

Beyond the basics, your church sign should deliver a religious message that removes barriers to the Word of God. Your sign will essentially be ministering to people in your absence, giving them something to ponder as they go on with their daily activities. This can be achieved by:

  • Displaying Clever Messages: The Scripture is full of clever messages, so the verses do not necessarily have to be reworded. Simply choose a message that best reflects the personality of your church, or a message that people can relate to, like “I am the way and the truth and the life.”

  • Using LED Lights: Well-lit messages are easily readable day and night, and will ensure that your message is clearly visible, 24/7. If your church is a bit traditional, and LED is too flashy, consider using a letterboard to dampen the flashiness of a bright church sign. A digital message board also allows you to change the message with your phone or computer.

  • Carved Signs: Traditional and more ornate churches looking to maintain their classic look can consider using carved signs with embossed letters. Depending on your budget, you may also consider having the sign mounted to a monument.

Final Note

A recent survey by FedeX revealed that 68 percent of consumers agree that signage is a good quality indicator for products or services. So if you’re not ready to redesign your current sign, ensuring that it is well-maintained can also help to relay the right message.

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