How To Promote Impulse Purchases In Retail Stores

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| 02 Dec 2016
Increasing Impulse Purchases Using Signs In-store

Looking back at the last few impulse purchases you made, you’ll notice a few trends, and that’s not a coincidence. This is because most consumers have buying habits, and market research points to certain elements that will encourage this type of purchase.

Creating A Sense Of Need

Sometimes consumers go to the store for a specific item, and in that case, they’re looking for a product that meets very specific criteria. Impulse buys don’t usually meet any specific need but are a response to a generic sense of urgency. A sign can increase that pressure with an immediate deadline, such as a flash sale that is advertised to end soon.

Increasing Accessibility

Merchandise that’s hard to find is less likely to be bought, even if the customer dedicates their trip to the store to buy that specific product. Better accessibility means that it’s easy to reach, and for large supermarkets, the ends of aisles are great target spaces for impulse buys.

Improving Visibility

The following are tips to make a product easier to notice:

  • Position items in open and well-lit areas;
  • Use racks or clear containers to hold the product; and
  • Have large and interesting signs pointing to the item.

Choosing The Right Product

Most purchases made on impulse are inexpensive because once a product exceeds a certain price, consumers will start to question their decision. Impulse purchases tend to be under $30.

The Decision To Purchase Should Be Stress-Free

There’s a reason that most impulse buys are located within a few steps of the entrance and in the space along the lineup at the cashier. When you first walk into a store, you aren’t in the middle of your shopping trip, which means your mind is free to be distracted, and similarly while you’re waiting in line to cash out, your eyes tend to wander to the treats and trinkets that are within arm’s reach.

Sell Them Something They Can Use Right Away

Items that are easy to consume will seem more appealing to an impulse. Thinking to your grocery store, you’ll find chocolates and magazines in front of the cashier, which requires very little preparation and time to consume compared to non-processed food such as meat and vegetables.

Make your products noticeable and appealing to your customers with the right signage and placement within the layout of your store.

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