How To Make Your Storefront More Attractive

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| 29 Feb 2016
Making Over Your Storefront

It’s not just your home that needs curb appeal–this is an equally important characteristic for your retail store. Retail ‘curb appeal’ helps draw potential customers and passersby into a store to explore the merchandise and possibly make a purchase.

Although most business owners take great pride in the products or services they sell, and an equal amount of pride in the interior of their store, it is actually the outside of the business – storefront – that dictates how a customer will behave. Your retail storefront creates that crucial first impression. It should both be welcoming and attractive to draw in the customer, and it should also represent the shop’s brand, products and services.

Here are a few ideas to create an alluring storefront display:

  1. This is a No-Clutter Area
    For most stores, it’s essential to maintain a clean, approachable image. Avoid anything that makes your store look cluttered, like crowding the space with too much merchandise. Any items on display need room to breathe, to make it easier on the customer to peruse your products without having to hunt. When deliveries arrive, take all boxes immediately to the storeroom to keep them out of the display area.
  2. Change it Up: Keep Your Window Display Fresh
    Window displays should paint a picture of the way your product will enhance a customer’s lifestyle. For example, as the weather gets warmer, a hardware store will want to display a scene of backyard fun, gardening tools and barbecue essentials. Change your window display once or twice every season, so it showcases the most popular items or the latest arrivals. Have fun dressing up your windows to fit the season, holiday, or event, whether it is a restaurant or store. But be careful not to clutter the window.
  3. Well-Designed and Well-Placed Signage
    Well-designed and strategically placed signage is critical to successful communication for businesses. Your signs should effectively get your message across to potential customers. Ideally, the signs should be integrated into a particular architectural character of the building. For instance, illuminated channel letter signs will not only make your business stand out, even if it is dark or foggy outside, but will also give your store a professional look.
  4. Proper Lighting
    Your store should be bright and inviting. The street level storefront should be lit in the evenings (depending on store hours), as should the entrance, and in the interior of the store, every corner and aisle should be well lit and accessible.
  5. Well-Placed Awnings
    Awnings are typically made of metal, canvas, and other materials that shelter people, merchandise, and display windows. They should fit well with a store’s overall appearance and architecture in order to add colour and interest to your storefront.

Have a clean, approachable and inviting storefront can go a long way in making your store a success. If you’re looking to improve the appeal of your storefront, these tips should help make your shop a success.

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