What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Custom Sign Company

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| 08 Jan 2021
What to keep in mind when choosing a custom sign company

When you are in the market for new custom signs, you don’t want to hire just any company. Your sign is often the first point of contact with your customers; it also has to attract new ones to your business. As well, you may be looking for a sign that makes it easy for people to find your church, school, or government service. Regardless of what type of sign you need, you want it to serve its purpose while also offering years of use. Here, we will provide suggestions to help you find the best custom sign for your needs.

Years of Business

This is probably the most important consideration when hiring someone for custom signs. You want a company with many projects under their belt, so you know they can deliver on what they offer. They will also have plenty of examples to help show their expertise. This shows they have the experience, which can help you come up with ideas for your sign. The longer a company has been around, the better the odds that they have continued to meet their customers’ needs. This translates into professional results for your order as well.

High-Quality Work

As mentioned above, a long-lasting sign company will have proof of their high-quality work. You can ask for referrals and speak to their happy customers. It takes years to develop the skills needed to create superior signage. By seeing examples of their work, you also get an idea of how durable the sign is and what type of maintenance it requires. It is not just about craft, but also the quality of materials used. Together, high-quality work and superior materials create the ideal sign that will be skillfully crafted, expertly installed, and provide a longer life.

Full-Service Sign Company

Finding a company that offers full-service from design concepts to installation ensures you have everything you need from one shop. You don’t want to shop around for a designer, a manufacturer, and then an installer. As well, you don’t want a company that subcontracts their installation work or manufacturing. A company that handles everything provides better quality control. It also helps ensure that nothing goes wrong, as they are fully accountable every step of the way.

Multiple Options

Although you might have a certain type of sign in mind, going to a company that offers a wide list of options is always preferable. You can find the right sign for your needs and compare pricing between the different options. It is the best way to find the sign that suits your budget, with insights into options you might not realize are available. Some examples of the custom signs available include:

  • Illuminated channel letter signs
  • Pylon signs
  • LED computerized signs
  • Metal letter signs
  • Directional signs and directories
  • Interior signs
  • Metal plaques
  • School signs
  • Custom church signs
  • Project and custom wood signs
  • Digital print and vinyl signs

While you might feel you don’t need so many options, you may miss out on an opportunity to find a sign within your budget that you didn’t know you can afford. As well, you might also find a sign that will last longer and requires less maintenance.

Tour the Shop

Don’t be afraid to ask to tour the shop. While some areas might be off-limits due to dangerous fumes or equipment, a good sign company will be happy to show you how they operate. They can demonstrate certain techniques, show works in progress, and provide you with hands-on experience of their daily operations.

Track Record

Even though a company might list certain types of signs, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have actually completed any projects. Be sure to ask for specific examples of the type of sign you need so you know for sure they can deliver on your order. If they don’t have examples, they don’t have experience.

Professional Associations

Ask about their designation and credentials. Have they won any prizes or been recognized for their work? What professionals do they work with (such as engineers and architects) to support their expertise?

Online Reviews

Today, it is a given that you will research online to see what customers are saying. Ensure that the company you work with has trustworthy reviews and high ratings to support their claims of delivering quality work.

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