Five Ways To Attract New Clients To Your Store

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| 01 Feb 2016
Illuminated channel letter Signs

In a country saturated with new and growing businesses, it’s always important to consider new and exciting ways to attract fresh clientele to your store. Fortunately there are many ways, both big and small, to make your store busier than ever.

  1. Make Your Store Easy to Find
    There are a few ways to make your store more visible and accessible.

    • Add Directional Signage: Depending on how visible your store is from major streets or highways, directional signage may be necessary to help people find their way to your store. Additionally, it may attract people who otherwise wouldn’t have visited your store.
    • Illuminated Channel Letter Signs: Illuminated channel letters make your store impossible to miss! The bigger and brighter the sign, the more your store will stand out, especially if it’s located amongst many other businesses.
    • Include clear directions: By including step-by-step directions, or imbedding a map to your website, people can figure out their directions ahead of time.
  1. Give Your Store a New Look
    Novelty is always a good way to attract customers.

    • Go for a new logo or colour scheme.
    • LED signs are eye-catching and can convey lots of information through short messages.
    • Go bold with new Facia signs.
    • Add colourful digital print or vinyl signs.
  1. Special Offers and Promotions
    Advertising special offers online or in print is a great way to attract new customers.

    • Consider offering deals on certain items or services.
    • Offer discounts for first time customers.
    • Offer discounts for those who refer customers to you.
    • Advertise seasonal and holiday sales and promotions.
  1. Social Media
    Keeping on top of your businesses social media posts and blog ensures that your web and social media content will stay at the top of search engines and news feeds. Remember, “Likes” and “Shares” are free advertising!

    • Consider holding social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) give-aways or contests.
    • Encourage customers to tag your business in social media posts.
    • Provide frequent updates about what’s new and exciting in your store.
  1. Special Events
    Holding or sponsoring a special event at your store is a fun way to not only attract new business, but to participate in and give back to your community.

    • Sponsoring a local sports team or charity event is a generous and socially responsible way to engage with your community.
    • Hold an event at your store, like a barbeque or other seasonal celebrations to give people even more reason to visit.

We hope these ideas help you draw new business in, and make your store busier than ever before!

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