Effective Marketing With Fascia Signs

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| 15 Jun 2022
Effective marketing with fascia signs

You may think that the only purpose of a fascia sign—that is, a sign installed directly on the face of your building—is to provide the name of your business. While it’s true that you need a fascia sign so customers can find you, such a sign can do so much more than just providing the name of your business!

A fascia sign can also be a cost-efficient way to market your business. These are some great ways to use your fascia sign to help market your business:

  • Have your fascia sign reflect your company branding.
  • Make sure your fascia sign suits your location.
  • Avoid having a cluttered fascia sign.
  • Make sure your fascia sign is eye-catching.

At New Style Signs, we can help you determine the best way to design your fascia sign, so it effectively markets your business.

Have Your Fascia Sign Reflect Your Company Branding

We associate different fonts with different moods. For weddings, people often select fonts that look like fancy handwriting that imply elegance and class. For birthdays, people select big and loud fonts that imply fun.

So, when you’re selecting the font for your fascia sign, be sure to select a font type that reflects how you want people to view your business.

Make Sure Your Fascia Sign Suits Your Location

You need to make sure that your fascia sign is in tune with the surrounding area. If you choose bright and flashy colours in a historical district, for example, your sign will look tasteless and unappealing.

If you’re located in an area with lots of bright and appealing fascia signs, you need to make sure you pick suitable colours to help your fascia sign stand out.

Avoid Having a Cluttered Fascia Sign

Another thing you need to keep in mind when designing your sign is to avoid making it too cluttered. There are two reasons that having a clean and easy-to-read fascia sign makes for effective marketing:

  1. A clean fascia sign implies that your business is professional and well-organized.
  2. It also makes it easy for potential clients to tell at a glance what kind of goods or services your business offers.

The last thing you want to do is lose potential customers that can’t read or understand your sign because it’s too busy!

Make Sure Your Fascia Sign Is Eye-Catching

You need to ensure that your fascia sign is eye-catching. Here are some tips on helping make sure that your fascia sign stands out:

  • Make certain it can be seen from far away. You’re more likely to get street traffic stopping in if they can see your sign easily from a distance.
  • Pick a good colour scheme. You don’t want to pick colours like grey on black that don’t really stand out. However, something like white on black can work well on a fascia sign.
  • Consider adding a lighting element to your sign, as this can be especially effective at night.

How can New Styles Signs help me design an effective fascia sign?

When you come to us at New Style Signs, we can discuss your different options for fascia signs. We’ll explain to you why robust signage is so important! 

A good fascia sign not only tells people what kind of good or service you can provide them with, it also helps convey a message about what type of experience they can expect to have when engaging with your business.

A fascia sign can be made out of different types of materials. The following are all your different options when it comes to fascia signs:

  • Painted plywood. This economical option can be easily customized with different colours and your logo. It can be damaged by exposure to rain and snow, however, so it’s best used somewhere protected from the weather. 
  • Painted glass. This is another affordable option that can be customized with your message and logo. This kind of sign is best suited somewhere with a lot of foot traffic, as painted glass can be challenging to see from the road. 
  • Punched metal fascia. This is an excellent, weather-resistant option for a fascia sign that can be customized with different textures and colours.
  • Metal lettering and logo. These kinds of signs stand out, as they are three-dimensional. They can be more expensive than other types of signs, but we can customize the type of metal used and the size of the sign we create to fit your budget. 
  • Fabric signs. These are a great choice if you’re on a tight budget and come in a large variety of colours and designs.
  • Metal sign-band. These types of fascia signs are suitable for various locations and are both sleek and eye-catching.
  • Awning signs. These are made out of fabric and are a great way to promote your business and also shelter customers from the sun and rain. 

A new fascia sign is a great way to promote your business while also giving the front of your store a new look. With the variety of choices in materials to create fascia signs, you can always find a type and style that will suit your needs and your budget!

We’ve got over 50 years of experience in designing customized signs and are here for all your fascia sign needs.

Make Your Fascia Sign Work for You

A fascia sign is one of the most efficient and cost-effective types of marketing you can buy. When designing your fascia sign, keep in mind that it should suit your location and be eye-catching, but not too cluttered.

At New Style Signs, we can design a fascia sign for you that suits whatever location or neighbourhood you’re in and help your store stand out.

Contact Us to Learn More About Fascia Signs

To learn more about how we can design the perfect fascia sign for you, you can call us at 866-944-8354 or contact us online. We’re here to help you get the right fascia sign for your store to help it stand out and promote your business.

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