Do’s And Don’ts Of LED Signs

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| 04 Jul 2016
Improving LED Signs

LEDs range in size from 1.8 mm to 3 mm and emit light in a number of colours, but beyond that, they don’t vary in appearance or design much, yet there are a variety of ways to put them creatively to use.

Do use an LED board as a lit sign

An LED board is controlled by a number of on-off switches to produce lettering on a sign that’s divided evenly into discrete squares. LED boards are effective for stores with nighttime business hours, and such businesses include:

  • Movie theatres;
  • 24-hour convenience stores; and
  • Coffee shops.

The difference between a poster that has a bright light directed towards it and an LED sign is the latter will have higher legibility from a variety of distances; the contrast between shadow and light makes a huge difference for readability.

Don’t use an LED board for luxury brands

A casual survey of high-end retail stores will confirm that LED boards and luxury don’t mix; instead, LED boards are most effective for attracting deal-seekers and conveying lots of information quickly. For example, even though TV displays have become affordable with increasing improvements in their display, many stock market exchanges and airports still use LED boards to report on time-sensitive information such as stock prices and flight arrivals, respectively. However, outside of industries where client decisions are based on volatile events, such displays are not necessary.

Do use LEDs for backlighting

Compared to other standard forms of lighting, LEDs do a far better job than other types of bulbs:

  • LEDs have an average life-span of 50,000 hours per unit, while incandescent and fluorescent bulbs last fewer than 1,200 hours.
  • To emit light in the amount that’s equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb, only a six- to eight-watt LED is required.
  • The cost an LED costs a fraction of the other bulbs.

You can have a plastic housing containing LEDs, which will have lighting and can even use an analog gradient within one shape. In addition to containing the LEDs, they can also be used to create a halo for a softer effect.

Don’t bombard your building with LED lighting

There is such a thing as too many lights. It’s important to create balance so that you’re drawing attention to key elements, such as the company name and logo.

LED lighting works great under the night sky. In addition, a little bit of lighting can go a long way, so be sure to use LEDs strategically for optimal effect.

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