Do Corporate Offices Need Interior Signs?

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| 05 Jan 2022
Do Corporate Offices Need Interior Signs?

Nothing is worse than arriving at a business and not knowing where to go. Whether it is a job interview, a delivery, or a client visit, your business should make it clear where people go once they arrive. Your corporate office presents a certain image for your business, and without proper interior signage you won’t create a welcoming space for either your staff or visitors.

While you probably invested in a sign to announce your presence on the exterior of your business, the custom interior corporate signs that GTA businesses require are also very important. Interior signs are not simply intended for branding purposes; they also provide several practical purposes helping make your space safer, easier to navigate, and more welcoming. Here are several reasons why your corporate office does need interior signs.


Although Canadian accessibility signage laws are not as clear as they are in the U.S, businesses and government facilities do need accessibility signage. Accessibility signage makes it clear how those with disabilities can enter the building and find their way. This does not just apply to ramps for those with mobility equipment, but also to persons with visual impairments.

Braille signage, for example, helps create a safe space for people with sight loss of varying degrees to help them find their way. Without proper accessibility signage, it not only makes it impossible for those with disabilities to enter your building and find their way, but you also risk receiving negative PR for failing to remain inclusive. 

Companies without accessibility signage are also in danger of fines or lawsuits. Interior signage addressing accessibility ensures that your building is welcoming to everyone, and that all laws and rules are followed to avoid fines and lawsuits. Key floors, departments, and even bathrooms, hallways, and stairs all need to be easy to find for everyone entering your building. There are a wide range of braille and accessibility signage options available to provide a professional look and make everyone feel safe and welcome.


Branding is always important for any business. When people arrive, you want them to know not only where they are, but who you are. Your space should speak to the type of business that you run. Your interior signage tells people more about what you do, and presents the best possible image. It is just as important as the rest of your interior design scheme, showing off your brand, hinting at the types of products and services you offer, and helping tie in with any marketing efforts you have. The custom interior signs that GTA companies need can be replicated to suit your company’s colour scheme and branding.  


Most corporate offices are quite strict when it comes to where people can and cannot enter. Interior signs are a must to help maintain security for your information and your staff. Interior signs should be used to tell visitors where they need to sign in, where deliveries are received, and what areas might be off-limits for security reasons. Interior signs improve traffic flow, showing people where they can find washrooms, elevators or stairs, the main reception area, etc. to help prevent visitors from wandering aimlessly through your building. 

Floor Directory

A department directory at the elevators allows people to quickly check the floor they need to visit so they don’t get lost. This is especially important if you don’t have a main reception desk dedicated to your business in commercial high rises for example. Even if you do have a general reception area, floor directories are helpful for people in a rush who don’t want to wait for the receptionist to get off the phone or finish helping another visitor.  

Providing Instructions 

All signs are designed to convey information, whether it is branding, what you do, where to go, or where not to go. Signs in your corporate office should make it easy for people to find the washroom, exits, various departments, elevators, stairs, etc. However, when people arrive for the first time, they might not know the proper procedure. Do they introduce themselves at the reception desk? Do they call the extension of the person they are visiting? Is there a special buzzer system? 

Today’s offices are very different thanks to downsizing, improved security, and technology. Therefore, your interior signs help people visiting an unfamiliar area know how to announce their arrival. The more guests your business sees on site, the clearer and more concise your signs should be.


If your corporate office is part of your manufacturing or production space, it is very important to keep visitors safe. Although you might have security with locked doors requiring access, it is not uncommon for people to follow behind others if they notice a door is open. You want to ensure people can’t wander into areas where there is machinery, loud noises, or dangerous substances that can lead to injuries. You have a responsibility to take reasonable care to avoid accidents, including making it clear to visitors when an area is unsafe. 


Much like keeping your site secure and safe, you also need to protect the confidentiality of your clients. Whether you are a legal office, a medical office, or even an advertising or tech company working on proprietary software or top-secret ad campaigns, signage helps instil confidence in your clients that their information is protected. Interior signage helps make it clear that certain areas are off limits, including areas where sensitive information and products are stored.

Keeping Up Appearances

In hand with branding, you want visitors to be impressed when they arrive. Signage announcing your brand, listing your services or executive team, your mission statement, or simply designed to add a unique interior design element can all be accomplished with customised interior signage.

Office and Department Names

Custom plates and name tag interior signs are ideal to label department numbers/names, staff names, or numbers for meeting rooms, so both staff and visitors easily find where they need to go. They can also be switched up if room designation changes. 

If you would like more information about the types of custom interior corporate signs that GTA companies need, speak to our team of experts at New Style Signs today.

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