Designing Effective Vinyl Signage: Advice From a Top Custom Sign Company in Toronto

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| 18 Apr 2023
Designing effective vinyl signage: Advice from a top custom sign company in Toronto

Companies, both old and new, will always be looking for ways to keep their brand in the public eye. Vinyl signage is a fantastic way to keep your brand visible and your budget in check.

Vinyl is easy to customize. It’s durable no matter where you place it, easy to work with, and has a fast turnaround, allowing you to keep your brand fresh and visible in a short space of time.

This is great if you want to advertise at expos, conferences, pop-up marketplaces, or on the sides of buildings. Wherever you want that extra exposure, vinyl signage is a great option.

Still, how do you make the most of this medium? There are some key things to consider when designing your signage, as we will see in the information below.

Field of Vision

One of the first things to think about is the visibility of the sign. This doesn’t just relate to who you are aiming for but also the location. Consider your chosen location for a moment. Is it in a high-traffic area, on the side of a building, or hanging up high across a road with traffic going under it both ways?

By examining the location, you can increase the effectiveness of your sign by making it double-sided or choosing contrasting colours so that it stands out and attracts passersby.

Most people will advise you to avoid empty spaces and to fill up your sign as much as possible. However, when considering the location, empty spaces can work to your advantage by helping you focus on the important things in the sign.

This is where you can consider your audience. Some people just keep walking and don’t pay attention, while others are driving or are passengers in a vehicle and only have seconds to read and take in the information on the sign. Thus, make sure you choose a large, clear font that is easily readable.

Less is More

Keep your message simple. This sounds like common sense, but it is something that is often overlooked.

You want to make sure that your business details, message, or offers are visible while using graphics, bright colours, and spaces effectively. However, too many details can clutter the sign, leading your intended audience to miss the point.

When working with a custom sign company in Toronto, such as New Style Signs, our design team can help you to minimize your sign while maximizing its potential.

Depending on the size of your company, the name may be all you require. For a new starter company, though, you may need a few extra words. Still, keeping it as simple as possible will increase your visibility and help you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Forget Who You Are

The sign needs to be a reflection of who you are, so don’t get carried away with unnecessary colours, pictures, or words.

You need to ensure that your vinyl sign includes your company’s logo, its name, and some form of communication method, such as your website or email address.

If your sign is at the customer eye level, a QR quote will allow them to get a lot more detail and works well on vinyl signage, without taking away from your brand and image.

Using your brand colours helps the sign stand out, allowing your target audience to get to know you. However, take care not to lose your message in a rainbow of other colours that don’t help to promote your brand.

Colour Me Blind

Very early on, we are often told that the brighter the colours, the more eye-catching the item becomes. While this is true, too many colours can detract from your message and prevent people from seeing your brand.

There has been a lot of research done over the years into the science of colour. Certain colours and combinations can promote certain feelings and emotions. This can either work for or against you.

A trusted custom sign company can help you explore and work with the right colour combinations to make your message and brand pop. Briefly, though, here is how particular colours can work for your business:

  • Red: This intense colour can promote danger, passion, love, and heat in your sign.
  • Blue: In contrast to red, blue tends to feel cold, but it will also stir the feeling of trust and safety in your brand as well as feeling refreshed in your message.
  • Green: Associated with growth and freshness, green can provide a healthy environmental feel and is easy on the eyes of the reader.
  • PurplePurple: There is nothing more luxurious than a rich purple splash in your sign. While inspiring a feeling of royalty and wisdom, it is also calming to the reader, leaving them wanting to read more.
  • Yellow: One of the brightest colours on the spectrum, yellow inspires humour and warm, sunny feelings. However, when used too much, it can cause the reader eye-strain due to its intensity. Therefore, the reader won’t want to read such signs for too long.
  • Black: While technically a shade, this intense colour shows a certain formality and power in its usage. It works well with white to help your message pop and stand out. For this reason, it’s the easiest combination to read while leaving your audience feeling like they have just viewed something exclusive.

Making Vinyl Work for You

Vinyl is cost-effective, versatile, and 100% customizable, thus allowing you and your brand to be visible anywhere.

New Style Signs has worked with companies in the greater GTA and other areas for over 50 years. Due to this vast experience, we are specialists and experts in creating the perfect sign for your needs.

No matter the size of your project, call our team today at 1-866-591-6938 or contact us here. Let us help you create the vinyl sign to boost your brand and make your name visible to the public.

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