Why Custom Wood Signs Are Good For Your Business

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| 07 Mar 2016
Wood Signs

Advertising is an integral part of every business venture, whether big or small. And depending on your size and budget, beautifully crafted custom wooden signs are a great type of collateral to incorporate into your marketing plan.

Wooden signs add a touch of class and a feeling of heritage, and can be used as name boards for commercial establishments. These also work well as signs for indicating road directions and drawing attention to an entrance. Wood signs can be easily varnished, polished, painted, and decorated to suit your taste. Also, the timber will last for a long time if well maintained.

But is it worth it to opt for a custom made wooden sign, or should business owners consider the do-it-yourself, or DIY, approach and attempt to make the signs themselves.

DIY Signs

Like with most business decisions, there are pros and cons of the DIY approach. On the positive side, making your own business signs can be cost effective and easier than outsourcing, especially if you rely on a template package with preset options to help you with the design: adding graphics, inserting custom text, changing the background, etc.

Unfortunately, designing your own business signs will be a difficult and frustrating process if you don’t have the necessary expertise, tools, and equipment for the job. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time researching and making mistakes before you can have something presentable enough to use for your business. Besides the quality issue, spending too much time on designing promotional material prevents you from focusing on the core of your business.

Custom wood signs are a necessity!

If you’re looking to create a business sign with a personal touch, personalised wooden signs are your best option. Custom wood signs and plaques are designed and treated for either indoor or outdoor use, giving you an eco-friendly option to communicate your message.

Some of the options provided for personalised wood signs include:

  • Option to include a logo, photo, or clip-art
  • Option to include a high word count
  • Control over the type of colour
  • Choice of different wood thicknesses
  • Option for engraved wood signs

Wood signs are designed or printed according to your plan and ideas. You have complete control over the type of logo, colours, and messages to be printed on the sign; all of which add to the uniqueness of your business sign.

Although a professionally made custom wood signs are costly, the long-lasting merits are worth the money. The high cost is due to the special tools and equipment used, as well as the expertise, time, and effort required to create a beautiful and well-branded wooden sign. Though you can create a good sign on your own, this should only be an option if you have the skills, tools, and time to craft a sign that makes potential customers stop in their tracks.

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