Choosing The Best Type Of Sign For All-Season Conditions

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| 04 Apr 2016
Best Signs For All-Seasons

Signs are an important part of communicating a company’s services, products and general offerings. In fact, researches show that an estimated 50 percent of consumers depend on signage to learn about a business.

Your outdoor and indoor signs not only help visitors to find your business or navigate around your office, but also speak loads about you. The graphics, wording, colours, and even the condition of the sign communicates lots of subtle messages about your enterprise and its top management.

Factors to consider for long-lasting signage

Compared to the other forms of advertising, signs are one of the most cost-effective and long-lasting forms of media that a business can invest in. A well-maintained, clean and bright business sign allows you maintain a positive public image, while a dull and faded one portrays a negative image of your business. In fact, a worn sign may turn away potential customers before they even have a chance to enter your store.

A well-designed and placed sign can be viewed by thousands of people every day year round. There’s no sure way of telling how long your sign will last, especially outdoor signs, since it depends on the materials used, maintenance, and its location.

Composite materials such as High Density Urethane (HDU) or aluminum are extremely durable, which makes them ideal for outdoor signs that need to last for several years. Actually, Aluminum Dibond is a premium form of signage with the greatest strength to weight ratio and highest durability of the available signage materials, including foamex and correx.

Another factor that contributes to the durability of a sign is the kind of finishing used. Good, long-lasting signs should be printed with weatherproof UV inks, and even laminated with a clear (gloss or matte) laminate for extra durability.

Alternatively, you could use an LED message board. These electric signs are not only versatile, in that you can create a new sign for every season, but they can also be integrated with cloud technology so you can update your message remotely from your phone or PC as need be.

If you are looking to add signage to cars or trucks, consider using magnetic signs so that employees who use the vehicle for personal use can remove the sign after business hours. This kind of flexibility also allows you to change your message or design every season or as the need arises anytime of the year.

Final note

It is important to note that even the signs made of the best materials won’t last forever, and will eventually become discoloured, dented after both weather and time have taken their toll. If you don’t want to replace your signage, consider available methods to refurbish your signs, such as painting them to improve their lifespan.

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