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| 25 Apr 2016
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When it comes to designing an indoor or outdoor sign for your store, there are many decisions that you have to make – hopefully with the help of a professional designer. Among the things that you need to choose is the size of your signage.

Many people usually take a wild guess and hope that the sign turns out alright. However, guesstimating is not a strategy. The size of your signage can have a huge effect on its ability to draw the attention of potential customers and eventually convert them to paying customers.

Here’s a strategy you can use to determine the right size of your new signage:

Step 1: Consider the size of your letters

One of the first things you should consider is the size of letters that your audience and passersby will be able to read from their standpoint. The words on your signage communicate your message, and they must be easy enough to read at a glance. If the letters are too small, people won’t bother to read. So, size your letters before choosing the size of your signage.

Step 2: Think about the viewing distance

There are two key factors that influence the size of the letters on your sign, and one of them is the distance the signage will be placed at from the standpoint of your target audience. The viewing distance refers to how far away you want your sign to be readable. The further your audience will be when passing by your signage, the larger it should be.

Step 3: The speed of motorists

This is another factor that influences the size of your letters, and ultimately that of your signage, for signs targeted at passing motorists. For instance, a retailer located on a major highway where potential customers cruise by very fast needs a larger signage compared to a store in a mall that targets customers on foot.

Step 4: Using eye-catching design to cut down size

Although the factors affecting the size of your signage are pretty straightforward, you might find that the amount of space that you have is not enough for a large sign, or that the size of letters is just not practical. If you find yourself short of space, the best way to make your sign attractive to your audience is by making it stunning and conspicuous using colour and contrast. This is a particularly smart way to counter any legal restrictions regarding the size of your sign.

Indeed, the size of your letters is the biggest factor affecting how big your signage will be. There are a number of letter sizing calculators on the web that you can use to calculate the minimum size that letters have to be for them to be readable, as well as the recommended size for optimal visibility, depending on the distance, speed, and other factors from the perspective of your audience.

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