Which Businesses Need Signs the Most?

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| 22 Nov 2021
Which Businesses Need Signs the Most?

If you have a brick and mortar location, you want your business to be recognizable. The harder it is to see your location, the more important it is to take steps to draw attention to your business. It also depends on your industry and the types of customers you wish to attract.

Custom sign companies in Toronto can help create more prominence for your business, but is a sign right for your needs? Here, we look at the types of businesses that have the most to gain from signs.


This should come as no surprise. Retailers face steep competition, often from neighbouring stores. Whether you are on a street, in a plaza, or in a mall, you need a sign to draw attention to your business. In fact, retailers don’t just need a store sign, but multiple signs that help draw attention to your storefront and promotions. There is an endless list of reasons that your store can use signs, including:

  • Special events
  • Announcing sales
  • Seasonal displays
  • Compelling images as part of your window display
  • General advertising
  • Contact information such as your website address and social media pages
  • Point of sale signage
  • Wayfinding inside your store

You can create unique signage designed for one-off events, or print a collection of signs to use repeatedly. With a little creativity, you can keep your storefront a constant source of information for customers and passersby.

Professional Services

If you offer professional services in your neighbourhood, signage helps announce your presence to potential clients. From the moment you open your practice, whether it is as a lawyer, real estate broker, accountant, or financial advisor, you want everyone to know you are there to assist. In this case, you should create a professional image that instills trust in clients. You need a sign that tells people your name, and what services you offer. You can also use signs to show people you are approachable based on your area of expertise.

Your windows can make the perfect signage to provide privacy to your clients inside while announcing your services to people outside. Your company name, services, website, and contact information can be prominently displayed in a professional manner using many different high-end and elegant options. Whether it is die cut decals, customized frosting, interesting etching effects, carved wood, or metal, you can create a unique sign that sets you apart.

Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is all about image. You need signage that tells people you understand the importance of aesthetics, while also hinting at what clients can expect inside. Elegant spas, natural treatments for skin, creative nail designs, hair salons—each have their own look that requires special creative considerations.

You want people to feel they are entering a space where they will be pampered by a team providing services to enhance their appearance. From your company brand to a menu of the services you offer, and from contact information to signs that help create a sense of privacy, your signage helps attract the right clientele to help your business thrive.

Health and Wellness Clinics

Medical and dental clinics, as well as professional wellness services, all want to send a message of privacy and professionalism. You want to create a tranquil space where people feel at ease, while also ensuring people feel safe in the environment. Trust is also very important for health-related services. With the challenges of the pandemic still with us, patients are anxious to find medical and dental professionals to help them maintain optimum health both mentally and physically.

Your signage lets patients know they are welcome, that you can take new patients, and also the types of services you offer. You can use your storefront to not just let people know what you offer, but also create a more private feeling in your waiting room. Natural light makes people feel calm, while the sense of privacy helps make them feel safe.


Whether you are a fine dining establishment, local bakery, pizza joint, or deli, your restaurant needs to attract people on the street to help build your customer base. Your restaurant storefront offers ample opportunity to announce your presence and invite people in to sample your food. Menus, dishes of the month, and soups of the day are all signs that keep people interested in what you have to offer.

You can also let people know you deliver for convenience, or recommend they call for reservations to help create a sense of urgency and elitism to your restaurant. Frame signs are ideal to help keep people up to date on your menu, while storefront signage tells people who you are and how to call in their orders or make reservations. Custom signs can be used to show off colourful images of your food, and can also help entice people into your restaurant to sample your menu.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Shops

As a professional technician or repair person, your expertise is in high demand, but people might not even know that you exist. Custom signs can tell customers that you are there to help keep their vehicles running. You might also offer other types of repairs for appliances, computers, electronics, or jewellery.

These are all unique services that people often have difficulty finding, and knowing you are there offers peace of mind. Customers might not need your services every day, but when they do need repairs, you want them to think of you. Your brand, the brands you service, and your contact information make it easy for people to call and find out more about how you can resolve their issues.

While just about any business can benefit from signage, these are some of the main industries that depend on signs for success. Custom signs can help announce your presence, thus helping develop a strong customer base and ties to your community. If you would like more information about the custom signs that Toronto businesses need, speak to our team of experts at New Style Signs today.

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