8 Reasons Why Outdoor Signs Attract More Customers

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| 01 Jun 2020
Reasons why outdoor signs attract more customers

The success of your business depends on good advertising — although we’re sure that we don’t have to tell you that.

Whether you are a well-established business or just getting started, your customers need to know about you and what products you offer. However, advertising costs money—and a lot of it. For most small or new businesses, traditional forms of advertising may be too expensive, time-intensive, and hard to manage. But this does not have to be the case (nor should it be).

Discover why outdoor signs are the best, most cost-effective, and easiest way to attract more customers to your door.

1. Outdoor signs are cost-effective

If you are just starting, want to save money, or don’t have a large budget for TV, magazine, radio, or billboard advertising, then outdoor signs are for you.

In fact, outdoor advertising is known for being the most cost-effective form of advertising and will attract more customers. How? Based on recent consumer behaviour, we know that there has been a decline in exposure to traditional media forms (more people watching Netflix over TV) and, as a result, see less advertising. Outdoor signs are now getting the same exposure as TV and other similar kinds of advertising, but for a fraction of the cost.

2. Outdoor signs increase profitability

Not only will outdoor signs save you money, but they are also proven to increase profitability.

A study by the University of San Diego found that “the addition of even one on-premise sign resulted in an increase in annual sales of 4.75%. [For example,] if a business had been grossing $500,000 annually in sales, the addition of just one on-premise sign resulted in a $23,750 increase.”

One reason for increased profitability is because of the impulse stops that occur when customers see your sign. Without clear and attractive signs, how else will you encourage people to stop in at your business? The best thing you can do is use your outdoor sign as a creative opportunity to catch people’s eyes!

3. Outdoor signs make marketing easy

If you are looking for a way to create awareness about your newest product or sale, outdoor signs are perfect. Not only are they cost-effective, but they will give you immediate responses, unlike other forms of advertising that could take weeks to kick in.

Outdoor signs let you make quick, on-demand changes, whenever you want. This allows you to reach your customers and change your marketing messages at a moment’s notice — and with no extra cost.

4. Outdoor signs boost brand awareness

This is especially important to pay attention to if you are a new brand. Outdoor signs are one of the fastest ways to build brand awareness and make sure that everyone that passes by your door is familiar with your business.

Use your outdoor sign to brand yourself with your logo and name, and any other creative elements that will make sure people remember you. The more exposure your brand has, the better off your business will be.

5. Outdoor signs are versatile and portable

One of our favourite parts of outdoor signs is that they are versatile and easy to transport. Say you are going to a job fair or festival; outdoor signs are easy to fold up and take with you to draw more people to your booth.

Want to know the best part? You can add arrows, bright colours, and other visual elements to easily change up your messaging as you go from event to event.

6. An outdoor sign is a good investment

It is no doubt that when you invest in an outdoor sign, you are acting with your best marketing strategy in mind as they are one of the most common methods used in reaching thousands of potential customers. Not only that, but they are customizable and easy to change along with your business and marketing strategies.

Unlike radio, TV, or newspapers, outdoor signs are an investment in the long term. As an exterior design, it’s visible 24 hours a day.

7. Outdoor signs are perfectly sized

When it comes to advertising, size definitely matters. Think about the space you have outside for advertising — how will your outdoor sign sit with the objects around your business. This is important to know before you decide on what outdoor sign you want to purchase.

For instance, getting a sign that is too big can take away from your brand or message — the same occurs if it’s too small. It’s best to talk to a professional and have them help you pick out some models to try out before you commit.

8. Outdoor signs are totally customizable

With so many different signs and methods of advertising on the market, you may be asking yourself:

  • Does it really make a difference what I choose?
  • Is it worth the cost?
  • Does it convert better than traditional signage?
  • Can my style/aesthetic be implemented into billboards and other outdoor signage?

The answer to all of these questions is, “Yes!”

Outdoor signs can be adapted to whatever your needs may be – size is not a problem. Colour, font, visual elements — you name it, we have it.

Imagine spending money on a sign only to rebrand a month or two later. You’ll need to change signs, which could rack up a huge bill if using other methods of advertising. However, outdoor signs can be changed without starting from scratch or spending extra money.

To learn more about the advantages of outdoor signs, call New Style Signs at 905-363-0101 or contact us here.

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