7 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor LED Signage

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| 01 Aug 2016
Key LED Signage Benefits

If you own a company, you need to think of outdoor LED signage less as a trend and more as a business essential. “Build it, and they will come” might sound good as a tagline, but the truth of the matter is that building something simply isn’t enough. You also have to find a way to ensure that people know what you’ve built and where they can buy what you’ve built. Outdoor LED signage is just the thing that can help in this regard.

Read on for seven reasons why you should choose outdoor LED signage over other types of signage.

  1. Durability

    LED signage lasts longer than does signage using other types of lighting. Since LED bulbs are constructed from materials that are shatter-proof, they are more durable, and this means that they require little in the way of repairs and upkeep. According to some sources, LED modules typically last for as long as 105,000 hours.

  2. Cost Effective

    While the upfront cost for LED signage might be a bit steep, you’ll recoup your investment over time since LED lights are energy efficient and need minimal maintenance.

  3. Customization

    With LED signage, you can customize your advertising much more easily than would be possible with other types of signage. Whether you want to change the text, the pictures or anything else, LED signage makes it possible to do so with little, if any, fuss.

  4. Brighter

    LED signage is brighter than signage that uses alternative lighting sources. Another thing to consider is that LED signage will still be visible in direct sunlight, so the sun need not steal your shine when you use LED signage.

  5. Easy Installation

    Because LED signage is lighter and thinner in profile than other types of lighted signage, it is easier to install. So you’ll have more flexibility on exactly where you put your LED signage, which will help you to maximize its marketing impact.

  6. Branding

    You need to demonstrate to customers that you’re trustworthy before they will spend their hard-earned money to buy your products or services. With LED signage, you can showcase your logo, unique value proposition and other things that set you apart. This sort of branding, when done correctly, will resonate with shoppers.

  7. Target Specific Customers

    You can use LED signage to specifically target the types of customers that need what you sell. Since LED signs can be easily changed, you can make changes during different times of the year, or even different times of the day, to appeal to different demographics. This will help you to achieve a tangible return on investment.

LED signage is definitely worth its weight in gold. If you want to get the most out of your marketing budget in a cost-effective way, then LED signage is a must.

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