6 Benefits of Having Interior and Exterior Signs in Schools

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| 02 Mar 2020
Benefits of having interior and exterior signs

Having good interior and exterior signage offers many benefits to schools. It can improve punctuality, increase safety, celebrate academic and athletic achievements, and act as a notice board for important school events.

Below, we will look at these benefits in detail and give suggestions for the kinds of signs that are best for each purpose.

1. A good sign enhances communication

One of the main benefits of having interior and exterior signs in schools is that they improve communication between the school, parents, and students.

The best sign to improve communication is an LED sign. Do you want to remind students of an event or date? Are you concerned that students may not give their parents the handouts you send home? Or maybe you want to get more people to attend the next big game, performance, or other events? All you need to do is program your message onto the LED sign and let it handle the rest.

With many LED signs, you can even set up messages in advance or schedule different messages to appear at different times. Another perk of an LED sign is that you can display a variety of messages at one time and let them cycle through.

2. Improving punctuality and attendance

Student punctuality and attendance is vital to a school because it cuts down on the learning time lost when students are not in the classroom. The problem in large schools is that it can take students quite some time to get from point A to point B, and this leads to a lot of valuable learning time lost.

This problem is exacerbated by poor traffic flow — or new students and staff getting lost — within the school, especially when some narrow corridors or entrances become bottlenecks.

A great way to direct hallway traffic is by installing interior ceiling signs in schools to remind students which side of the corridor to use as they can be seen from above in a crowded space. Simple arrow signs can be placed at eye-level to show students where to go.

Using these signs can reduce corridor traffic jams, helping everyone get the next lesson started earlier.

3. Increase safety inside schools

Keeping students and faculty safe is the top priority of every school and signage can play a key role in that. Part of this means installing the necessary health and safety signs in visible places.

You must ensure that safety features — fire alarms, fire exits, and muster points — are signposted, and every classroom and corridor has a sign which points to the nearest fire exit, alarm, and muster point is in the event of an emergency.

In addition to the health and safety signs that schools have an obligation to display, many schools require other forms of signage to ensure that their own rules are adequately displayed. Simple signs can be installed both inside and outside the school to help direct students and staff and remind them of any hazards they may need to avoid.

4. Celebrate achievement and promote events

When schools are looking to celebrate achievements and promote events, they have many options to consider when it comes to signage.

One of the main ways that schools display this kind of information is on printed PVC vinyl banners that are placed inside the main entrance to the building. This allows it to be clearly seen by students, staff, parents, visitors, or anyone else who passes by.

Available in any design and a wide range of sizes and shapes, promotional banners are a great way to make a big impact on a small budget.

5. Promoting core values and brand

Many schools promote their core values and brand using signs. These signs can be hung in the main entrance; they can be printed onto large flags, created using flat cut or 3D built-up letters on specially designed backgrounds, lamppost banners, or LED signs.

When it comes to promoting core values and the brand of a school, the options are endless. What’s more important to consider is what you want to communicate. After all, 70% of business customers believe the quality of a business’s sign reflects the quality of its products, and this goes for schools too. If a school wants to attract new students and top staff, it’s crucial to have the perfect sign.

6. Dynamic infotainment

Unlike any other type of sign, LED signs offer features that go beyond just a simple sign for announcements. These signs take your school communication to the next level, and they’re the perfect blend of both information and entertainment. When you install an LED sign at your school, you can display videos, share animations, or post advertisements.

You can also install an LED sign inside; your gymnasium may be the perfect spot. You can stream pre-recorded videos or play DVDs for the student body. As well, you could your LED sign as a jumbotron at professional games and pop up live streams of people dancing and cheering in the crowd.

Signs Make Better Schools

Good interior and exterior signage offers many benefits to a school. The right sign can increase safety, act as a post-board, and increase punctuality. It can even let the local community know about your achievements and events, and for promoting your core values and school brand.

For each of these, there are different types of signs that can be chosen, giving you a choice that is best for your purposes and your budget.

To learn more about how your school could benefit from better signage, call New Style Signs at 866-591-6938 or contact us here.

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