5 Types Of Sign Material

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| 01 Jun 2017
Sign Material

Sign material is absolutely essential to the look, and the longevity, of your sign. This especially applies to exterior signs, and even more so in Ontario where it will regularly be weathered with rain, sleet, and snow! You need to choose a material that not only looks good, but will stand up to the sometimes harsh Canadian climate. We are happy to work with you to provide custom exterior and interior signs, and to help you determine the best possible material for your sign. When choosing a material for your sign, it’s good to carefully research and consider all your options.

  1. Wood
    Wood looks classy, and can be adapted to suit many styles. Wood is also affordable, and there are many different kinds to choose from. If you do choose a wooden sign, you must make sure to treat it properly as it can become faded or warped over time. A custom exterior wooden sign can look very distinguished.
  2. Metal
    Metal is definitely a long-lasting material. It’s also very adaptable, can be worked into a huge range of shapes, and be painted to suit every need. Metal can become weathered or rusted, but that depends on what kind of metal you are working with. Aluminum, for instance, won’t rust. There are many positives to working with metal, but it can be pricey.
  3. Acrylic
    Acrylic is most often used in long-term, commercial signage and works indoors or outdoors. Acrylic is also used in illuminated signs. It’s durable, and has a long life span. Acrylic signs have a more polished, commercial look.
  4. Plastic
    Plastic comes in a myriad of colours, and is also very easy to mould and shape. It can also stand up to most weather conditions, though you will have to be careful about the placement of the sign, as plastic will melt when in contact with heat.
  5. Banner
    Ideal for promoting events or sales, banner signs are made from a tough, nylon-based material. Banner signs are very durable and can resist even the worst snow storm!

The look of your sign is very important when it comes to promoting your business, but you’ll also need to take into account durability and functionality. At New Style Signs we are happy to provide GTA businesses with a huge range of custom exterior signs, built by our team of expert craftsmen. Contact us today with any questions, or for an estimate!

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