5 Tips for an Effective Wayfinding Signage System

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| 16 Jan 2023
Tips for an effective wayfinding signage system

Wayfinding signs and systems are one of the key aspects any business should consider when it comes to their client experience. Poorly executed wayfinding signage can deter customers from your business and damage your reputation. It can even go as far as to make your business look disorganized and careless.

On the other hand, a clear and concise wayfinding system can put your clients at ease and provide them with a more enjoyable experience at your establishment.

In this article, we will discuss five effective tips for creating a successful wayfinding signage system and what you can do to make your navigational or directional signs more productive and in sync with your brand and business.

1. Consistency is key

As a business owner, consistency is essential in building trust and relationships with your clients. When creating wayfinding solutions, you will want to maintain consistency at all times to avoid detracting from direct messaging or potentially confusing your guests.

Keep a consistent naming convention throughout, or organize your signage by location. For example, the break rooms can have a specific theme, whereas the work areas can maintain another one. This helps to differentiate between areas and allows your clients or employees to navigate your business better.

2. Keep it clear and simple

Simplicity and readability are important when it comes to creating effective wayfinding signage. Keep all text clear and to the point. Never choose fonts that are hard to read or simply too small. Keep text on signage minimal and leave out information that isn’t relevant or important. Make use of universal signs when necessary, such as “Stop”, “Go”, “Caution”, etc.

Signs with arrows are a great way to help your guests navigate their way throughout your facility. Additionally, you want your signage to be easy to interpret and for guests to get the message as soon as they look at or read your sign. Avoid convoluted messaging; being direct, simple, and concise will help prevent problems later down the road.

3. Reinforce your brand

By utilizing wayfinding signage solutions, you can help reinforce your brand and exercise your creativity. Don’t pass over details such as font, colours, shapes, and design. Make sure that the signage system you are creating flows well with your existing brand and that these signs add a bit of style or décor to the room.

While they shouldn’t be totally obtrusive, they can definitely help add some character and branding to your business. Ultimately, it’s a great way to show clients and employees that you care about small details and that you are consistent with the look and feel of your business.

4. Focus on location

Always place wayfinding signage in high-traffic locations where guests will easily see them. For example, install them in parking lots, elevators, and any other open spaces where guests may linger. Lobbies and reception areas are great places for signage where guests are just entering and may need further directions.

Wayfinding signage isn’t nearly as productive and useful hidden away in areas where people won’t see them. Make your signage visible, and be consistent with location as well. Once again, remember to incorporate universal signs and symbols on these signs so that there are no language barriers when navigating your business establishment.

5. Consider placement

The way that you position and place wayfinding signage is very important and can impact your customers’ experience. For example, when you visit an airport, it’s easy to recognize that all gate numbers are placed similarly in the same place. This makes it simple to expect that your gate number will be indicated in a specific spot.

If this weren’t the case, guests may have trouble finding their gates or could miss their flights, leading to an overall frustrating experience. In order to prevent this issue altogether, keep all signage placement consistent and position signage where guests naturally expect it to be. This creates a smoother experience and allows guests to become more comfortable in your establishment.

Contact the Wayfinding Signage Experts

Wayfinding signage problems can be detrimental to the success of any business. They are a necessary tool in navigating your business and helping clients to find their way. They can also serve as an opportunity for your business to reinforce branding and showcase creativity.

For more information on wayfinding signage and how to make your client experience more seamless, please call New Style Signs at 866-594-8354 or contact us here. We proudly service Toronto, the GTA, and surrounding areas, and can work with you to make the most effective wayfinding solutions for your unique needs.

We believe in signage that is creative, functional, and easily understandable, and we always deliver! Please contact us today for more information on our high-quality signage, and one of our representatives will be more than happy to help you.

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