5 Tips For Designing The Perfect Logo

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| 12 Mar 2018
Tips For Logo Designs

Designing the perfect logo for your business or organization is not as easy at is looks. There are a wide range of considerations that go into creating something that will be memorable, look great, and get people interested in what you are selling or the service you are offering. Everyone has their own aesthetic standards. What looks good to one person, may not necessarily strike a chord with another person. If you are looking for some advice on designing a new logo, for whatever the reason, below are 5 tips to help get you started.

Colour is of the utmost importance

Choosing a colour for your logo should be something you spend a considerable amount of time on. Colour is something that is going to carry meaning, as well as communicate ideas. Colours are bound up in the imagination with a wide range of inferences and connotations. With that being said, a hasty colour decision can make or break the success of the logo. Make sure the colour scheme is not something that is hard on the eyes. Try to go for complementary colours which offset nicely.

Don’t go for cliches

There are usually fads in logo designs which start out as original designs and are quickly adopted by a large number of people. After a while, all they do is scream “lack of originality.” A good logo design tip is to scan the industry for the things that seem to be trending. Keep an eye out for recurring patterns or usage of certain shapes and colours. If you notice something that everyone seems to be doing, it is a good idea to stay away from that. A successful logo is supposed to differentiate you and your brand as unique.

Custom fonts

One of the best ways to make a logo unique is to ensure you are using custom font. If you are paying someone to design a logo for you, you should expect them to put extra effort into the font. Conversely, if you are designing a logo for someone, custom drawn font is one of the mainstays of creatively designed logos. Just look at some of your favourite logos, you’ll notice these memorable logos make use of a font that stands out from the others.

Don’t make it overly complicated

Think about some of the most iconic logos out there – the Nike “swoosh,” the Apple “apple with a bite out of it,” the MacDonald’s “M.” You don’t need to be Leonardo da Vinci to design any of these, but they are some of the most effective and memorable logos ever created, nonetheless. It is entirely possible to inject something simple with an incredible amount of character, just by including a single feature that is out of the ordinary, or that strays from convention in some major way.

Creating a logo can be incredibly stressful for people, especially new business owners because it becomes the face of the company. Logo design tips abound, but if you keep the above 4 in mind, you should be off to a good start and will, at the very least, come up with something that doesn’t fade in the mind of potential consumers and will create a positive brand image for your customers.

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