5 Reasons To Choose Vinyl Banners For Your Ad Campaign

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| 02 Jan 2017
Vinyl Banners Advertising

While digital marketing has its merits, the reality is that since so many advertisers are going online, the Web has become one huge ad clutter. It’s no surprise then that overwhelmed (and sometimes annoyed) web users are increasingly tuning out digital communications. That’s probably not what you want! As a business owner and marketer you want to grab people’s attention and communicate your message effectively to your target audience. That’s a mission vinyl banner advertising — a proven, potent marketing tool — can deliver for you. And here’s how:

  1. The advantage of critical placement

    You can place vinyl banners almost anywhere, and that means wherever your potential customers are — on your building to attract passersby; or in a busy section of the community where your target demographic lives, plays or works; or where your competition does business.

  2. The advantage of the repetition factor

    One of the tenets of marketing is the Rule of Repetition — the fact that marketing communication becomes very effective when it is brought over and over again to the attention of the target market. With a vinyl banner placed in a busy location, the repeated, everyday eyeball contact has immense value. And your ad will not get lost among other editorial and advertising content as it would on a web page. If the banner is large and features an engaging and creative message and layout, it will stick permanently in the minds of passerbys.

  3. A huge bang for your advertising buck

    You’d be surprised how inexpensive it is to buy vinyl banners — especially if you order in bulk. To design and print five 3 ft x 5 ft vinyl banners that will grab the attention of your target audience costs about $100 each. And these banners last a long time. Vinyl is very durable; it is weather resistant and easy to clean. So, when enough time has passed for your message to saturate in one location, you can just roll the banners up and unroll them at another location, or at any event, such as a trade show, a hockey game or a concert. It’s a flexible marketing tool — portable and easily reusable at different venues, for very little money.

  4. Customized attention-getters

    Attention-getting, after all, is what marketing is all about, right? The size, shape and range of colours for your banner is limitless. With printing technology so advanced today, vinyl banners can display bold, vibrant colours. And vinyl is fade resistant so your designs will remain as dynamic and animated as when they were first created.

  5. A trackable campaign

    Tracking effectiveness is another critical goal of any marketing campaign, and this is easily done with vinyl banner advertising. You can print a unique website or phone number on various banners and record all responses made from each, so you’ll know how different locations and messages work for you. That way, you’ll know what area and creative gives you the best results.

There is a reason why vinyl banner advertising continues to be a popular marketing method — it’s one of the best ways to get your business name and product or service into the heads of your targeted market. But do choose your banner producer wisely. Look for a team that will not only print your banners, but help you with some of the strategic decisions you will need to make in terms of optimal customization, creative and format.

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