5 Creative Messages On School Signs

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| 01 Nov 2016
Creative Messages On Your School Signs

There is so much that can be done to make a school run smoothly and help students get the most out of school, and one key component is making sure that students and caretakers stay informed. In order to capture the attention of students who already have lots of reading and parents who have lots of responsibilities to juggle, it helps to be creative once in awhile.

Promoting Good Sportsmanship

Competition is a healthy part of growing up, but there’s no better opportunity to practice moderation by having a good spirit about games between competing schools with messages that:

  • Cheer on the other team and their mascots;
  • Congratulate the other team’s win;
  • Celebrate the sport in general without choosing specific players or sides.

Giving Recycling Tips

Whether students are from families that are environmentally friendly households and need to brush up on specific green habits or from families that are building these skills from scratch, everyone can use these tips. You can even keep the hints specific to the needs of the students:

  • During holiday seasons, suggest ways to preserve, reuse, or recycle crafts;
  • Suggest alternatives to packing lunches in order to reduce waste;
  • Remind parents of ways to reuse unwanted clothes and school supplies, such as by donating or sharing with other students.

Cultivating Gratitude

There is a small but important support staff that is often invisible to most of the student body, but it’s important to acknowledge how they improve the lives of any group. Even a simple word of thanks to the following staff would go a long way:

  • Custodians
  • School secretaries
  • Nurses
  • Counsellors
  • Special needs workers

Tips On Living Healthy

Academic success is on every child’s mind, but there’s more than enough news on how people and children need to take better care of themselves. Healthy habits begin from childhood, and if the student can start early, they’ll have a good head-start on life. The tips can address:

  • Mental health
  • Eating a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Getting a reasonable amount of exercise

Announcing Community News

The school is a micro community in itself, but it’s important to foster a sense of connection and belonging to the local area as well. Events such as fundraisers or fairs will benefit from the attendance of students and their families, and it’s a good thing to keep the school updated of upcoming events.

There is so much helpful information that can be spread to the school. Use the school’s sign to keep students and parents interested and informed.

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