5 Business Sign Design Ideas

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| 06 Nov 2017
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A unique, customized business sign is one of the strongest messages you can send to your customers and prospects. Studies suggest that about 85 percent of your prospects pass by your premises each month. With a well-designed and well placed sign outside your door, you can increase the awareness of your business and generate more traffic and sales. If you are planning on getting a new business sign, here are a few design ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

1. Fabric Signs

Colourful and distinct, fabric signs are a budget-friendly choice for small businesses. They are made from nylon, vinyl, or plastic banners, and require regular upkeep and maintenance, the amount of which depends on the elements and outdoor conditions. You can also choose a more expensive heavy-duty, fade-resistant fabric that will last longer. Your investment also includes hardware and installation.

2. Painted Plywood Signs

These signs are simple, affordable, and easy to personalize with creative designs. You should consider the size of the sign, the size and type of fonts to use, the available types of woods, the colours and types of paints to use, and the cost of installation. Wood signs are prone to damage by the elements, and require regular maintenance and replacement.

3. Painted Glass

If you want to brand your business with zero material costs, you should consider painting your store’s windows. This is an affordable, yet distinctive and appealing option. You can choose a simple or complex design depending on the nature of your business. Detailed designs and high-end, all-weather paints may increase your budget dramatically. Another drawback is the likely low-visibility of the design at certain times of the day, due to the sun’s glare.

4. Punched Two-Sided Metal Signboard

These signs can be designed to give a historic flavour or a clean and contemporary feel. They are weather-resistant, durable, and easy to customize with regard to the size, colour, and texture.

5. Rock Signs

Rock and stone materials are ideal for creating heavy, durable, and permanent signs that give your business a sleek look. The cost of the design varies widely depending on the size and material. Due to their permanent nature, they are not recommended for business that intend to relocate in the near future.

Good business locations come at a premium, so you need to make sure that it works for you. The right outdoor sign allows you transform your business location into cash, and with these business sign ideas to inspire your next design, you will be able to draw more traffic and enjoy more conversions.

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